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Wednesday, Jul. 05, 2006
Having one day off in the week that is not attached to a Friday or a Sunday was wonderful. What did I do on the fourth of July? Nothing. Blissfully and boringly (perhaps?) and happily…I did a big fat nothing. I lay around in bed. I watched some TV. I washed a few dishes. I went to the bookstore for about an hour. I ate a Big Mac. C’mon there’s nothing more American than a big Mac is there?

I read about half of The DaVinci code. I am addicted to that book. I loathed the idea of that book for so so long. And then they came out with a version that had the pictures of different places in Europe in it and …voila..I am hooked. Damn them!!

I got a lot of sleep. My knee finally is not swollen and today for the first time today I am wearing high heels at work. High heels..whats the big deal you say? Well I’ve been hobbling around like a cripple for two weeks, this is a big deal. Not only can I walk without fear of falling down or my knee giving out, but I can walk with HIGH HEELS. Rejoice with me people rejoice.

Often I wonder who still reads my dribble? I rarely write and when I do it’s nonsense stuff. But the numbers are still there. Y’all just a bunch of quiet peeps. :-)

I know there are people in London that read and perhaps you’re close to one of these upcoming locations so check out the bodies exhibition. I’ve seen it..it rocks.

I’m going to buy this book just because I fell in love with the cover. And yes sometimes that’s precisely why I buy a book.

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