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Monday, Oct. 30, 2006
Recently I canít concentrate on anything for very long. I donít know what thatís about. Iím also always tired on Mondayís as my sleep schedule goes to heck and back on Friday night and Saturday night and then on Sunday night Iím not sleepy and get no sleep and then on Monday afternoon I am dying tired. It sucks

Iíve been off of school for the last week (a week break between classes keeps me sane). Iíve done a lot of reading. I read The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult and now Iím reading Plain Truth by her as well. Something about her books reminds me of Danielle Steeleís only in that there is a formula she has. If you read more than one of her books youíll know what I mean. However, they suck you in with their amazing story lines. Itís nice to sit and read without anything but joy. The joy of getting lost in a well written story. He dialogue skills amaze me. When I was writing ďInfectionĒ years ago I had the most difficulty with writing dialogue. I can tell a story if Iím just writing a blog entry. But I canít write a conversation very well. I think this is surely something that comes with practice, and time. At least I hope so.

Nanowrimo is starting up on November first and I have decided to jump back in there with my previous 18,000 words as a head start. Hey this is fair because Iím also a full time employee, mom and student. I have to have that head start and besides if I donít get to 50,000 words thatís ok too. I just want to go back to where I left off and try to get my groove back. Thatís my main goal. I only have what I wrote in paper format so thatíll need re-typed again one day. But for now I just want to write more. This effort is strongly fueled by ďhisĒ attempts to get me to finish this task as he was reading along years ago and wants his weekly soap opera. I have missed my main character and am looking forward to crawling back into his demented mind.

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I havenít been that excited about this diary lately. Weeks go by entirely and I realized I havenít said a word. This is because things are goodÖ.they are very busy but also very good. I can only gush about my life so often before even I want to gag. The only major concern in my life right now is my health and I have managed to put that worry on the back burner until December. I am surprised at the fact that once I make a decision to do that I am rather successful at getting on with the task of living and enjoying life as it is now. I just finished the second month of provera and Iím awaiting the red dot to arrive. Iím feeling good physically though and sticking to the diet thing fairly well. I do go out and enjoy some things I probably shouldnít but Iím not binging and purging in the diet area where I starve myself and then eat something amazingly bad for me. Iím learning moderation very well.

Iím wracking my brain thinking of things to shareÖ.and once againÖ.nothing.

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