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Monday, May. 01, 2006
For the most part I don’t have anything to say and when it’s like that, when I don’t feel like writing or I’m too busy to feel in touch with myself or I’m just too out of it to feel like writing. Recently I’m too busy with school. When I do have any time to myself I curl up in the bathtub or under blankets to read.

I just ended another course. I got an A- in the course. The weird thing to me is that the gpa for an A+ , an A and an A- is all the same, so why bother with that plus and minus deal? I can’t quite figure it out.

Today at work Rick messed up his foot, his ankle. To tell you what kind of guy he is, he kept working. A customer gave him ice and he taped it somehow to his foot and continued to work. How many guys do things like that?

Here are the random things floating around in my head while I’m trying to think of something cohesive to write….

Yesterday I washed my car, but have yet to wipe down the rubber bumpers with Armour all wipes like I want to. By the time I get around to it, the car will be dirty again.

I’m almost done reading our current book club book and it has sucked all the way along. It’s predictable and boring and Danielle Steel’esque and I hated it, hate it and will end up hating having read it. *sigh*

I really like the show ‘cash in the attic’.

I bought a little side table for next to my big reading chair. I gave my dining room table to Rick’s brother for on his patio so they can play Poker. We really don’t have the room for a dining room table and we never sat there to eat. I was thinking about bringing out my antique table, but for now I’m not. I’m not sure yet what I want to do.

I think it’s time to clear out some stuff, even if it’s not for cash. I just feel like redecorating and/or overhauling everything.

I want to paint the kitchen walls.

I bought a big letter “K” for in my kitchen. It could stand for “Kitchen” but in my case it stands for my name. Kinda kewl either way. It was $6. I’ll take a picture once it’s hung up.

Yes….this is how boring my mind is lately.

Boring, but I’m happy…..

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