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no trip to the beach

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DAAAAANNN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUU…..and mannny moreeee.. *PoeticaL jumps out of a big giant monkey cake and strips away all of her clothes piece by piece and throws her panties at 'da birfday boy! *smooches*

random boy who can't "pee" either and… a girl who pee’s her pants….teeheee…

A very cute girl who pee’s her pants if I don’t say so…..and with a literally articulate mommy too!

Earlier I typed the following in Cap..Ron’s diary…..
“I don't know if I have a kind heart, I just know I have the kind that is entirely open to someone I care about. I just wish it mattered to "him". I think it does, it's all just a messy situation where we both want the right answers and to do things right or not at all. They haven't been entirely right and so we end up with nothing at all.”

…end up with nothing? That is just not the case. I said it because I have always had ideas in my head of what I wanted to end up having. When you don’t have that vision then you think you have nothing? How lame of me… When I think of him, the entire story from beginning to now…I realize I have…

…a friend that is always there for me, even if he’s mad at me, or I’m mad at him or someone lost it and hung up the day before…he’s still there for me.

…a word of encouragement when I have run out of them for myself.

…the voice of logic when all I can feel is emotion emotion emotion..

…HE is so many things and every time I tally things up I have far more than I ever acknowledge when I think about what I don’t have.

I just wanted to correct myself…..

Someone last night told me that if husband did something nice for me that I wouldn’t come here and talk about it. So I thought about that. Not true. He made me a picture, he drew it. I really liked it. I still like it. I talked about it. He gave me “Bucky” I talk about that a lot. C’mon Justin…I say nice things!!

But he’s a trip to this beautiful ocean on a pretty day. You put your towel down, stretch out in the sun and then you crack open a longneck and open a good book. You’re so content and think nothing could be better. After awhile it starts to get a little hot. Then hotter…and you realize that all your ice you brought is just a melted pool of hot water and then it gets excruciatingly hot and so you stand up and realize you have sand up the crack of your ass and you’re miserably sweaty and so you run towards the blue water thinking about how wonderful it surely will be to jump in after suffering in the unexpected heat. Your toes feel so good in the cold water….ahhh……aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….what the FUCK is that? Oh hell…fuck …HELP MEEEEEEEE you scream as the piranha eat away at your flesh…you lose your footing on the bottom and slide under a wave that knocks the air out of your chest. The piranha continue their flesh fest… you somehow manage to get out of the water after stepping on a jellyfish and getting bit on the foot and then you fall onto the sand crying while hoards of strangers watch your misery from afar because they haven’t a clue how to begin to assist you. You lay there praying that you will survive and knowing that parts of it all will only go away when you die.
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