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Thursday, Sept. 19, 2002
I’m doing something at work and its been so long since I worked on this aspect of my job, that I forget exactly how to do it. Argh….something I’ve worked on a few dozen times in the last year. And I’m drawing a blank. Brain freeze. Duh.

Today I’m feeling good. I think it all has to do with what I’m wearing. Now how odd is that? Very.

Last night I read a screenplay that a newfound friend wrote. In the last 2 days I’ve read 3 of his screenplays and I am amazed at his writing ability. I am in awe and I have thousands of questions. Imagine writing and filming a movie. Imagine going to Hollywood to have your film viewed. Yeah, that’s Michael’s life. And to think that he wanted to talk to me? Yeah that’s what happened. He read some of my stuff online elsewhere and wanted to speak to me. That’s always a very good feeling for me. Someone with amazing talent in their own right wanting to speak to me? Yeah it makes me feel like the same little 5 yr old wearing her Winnie the pooh dress to the first day of kindergarten scared out of her mind waving from the school bus. I remember that dress. It had a big green bow on the front. The bow probably had enough material to make a dress all on it’s own. It was the seventies…ya know.

Today I’m feeling good. It’s the Hilfiger on my ass I think. Odd but I think that’s it. They fit like a glove and I’m comfy. I’m wearing a white t-shirt and my sketchers and I’m just feeling happy. This never happens to me, so I’m basking in it. I should buy new clothes more often. If I knew it was that simple… $25 outlet happiness.

Last night Bucky organized my books for me. They’re were in pools all over the floor etc. He cleaned ‘em all up. He’s such a good kid. He then came to me and told me that I own 313 books. And then he said, “which one do you like best?” and held up “The Erotic Project” and said “I like this one” and then broke out in major giggles and ran away. ut oh!

Which leads to nudity in our house…as a topic here…. I don’t cover up my body if Bucky is walking through. He frequently comes into the bathroom while I’m soaking in the bathtub full of bubbles. He’s never phased by this. He just does his thing. If anything he turns his back on me so I can’t see him. But then all in the same day he’ll go lay on his bed without any clothes on, cross legged and staring at the ceiling deep in thought. Sometimes he acts all embarrassed. Other times he could care less. Aren’t we all like that? I think all of this nudity in the house stems from the fact that husband walks around freely naked often. He’ll walk past open windows facing the street and never flinch. He says, “if they’re looking they’re getting a show”.

One night about five years ago while living in an apartment complex, I watched a neighbor of mine make a sandwich in the nude. He was hot and I wanted to eat that sub sandwich. I just sat there drinking ice tea. I actually called husband outside and said, “check that out”. He looked, and said, “no thanks.” I went and got a female neighbor and she and I sat in silence watching sandwich man. It was great. Mostly because he was standing in front of a counter and we knew he was naked and yet we had to wait for him to need something from the fridge to get a glimpse. He always turned towards the fridge and we got to see his ass. We’d both lean forward in our chairs staring… then lean back when he resumed his spot in front of the counter. I think he was making all the sandwiches for subway the next day because from what I recall we sat there for an hour or more. Karyn my neighbor and I, drinking ice tea while our husband’s mindlessly watched tv inside our respective apartments. Her husband didn’t want to watch sandwich man either.

Sometimes I wonder if someone’s watching the nude husband vacuum at 11 o’clock at night. Most of the time, his nudity is just a fact of life. It’s almost more of a turn on when he puts pants on. The unknown is more of an intrigue than flat out nakedness.

My point being…Bucky seeing a nude body on the front of a book. No big deal if you ask me. Nudity is beautiful. Porn is gross. It wasn’t porn. It was artistic. Yeah….artistic…um..yeah..

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