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Tuesday, May. 14, 2002
I have some oddball things to say so I’m just gonna go at it….

1. Mad…I’m awaiting an answer, I wanna read the same book you’re reading at the time and it was just a suggestion of the title, I’ll even sendya the book. Lemme know….k? mm good…k.

2. Makes me wonder just how many other people's entries you edit out just because they don't stroke your ego
from Loki
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10:37 pm - Tuesday,May 14, 2002

Dear Mr/Mrs (whatever!) Loki. I will delete your stupid ass remarks from my guestbook until you grow balls that will allow you to identify who you are. You’re the only person I ever delete. Consider yourself special.
(short-bus special)

3. from an email from Tod Goldberg

Have you thought about maybe putting up a notice on your site about how much you love, say, anonymous donations of 1.5million dollars? Or your abject desire to meet and become good friends with the Sultan of Brunei? Or how you'd like it if someone, by the grace of god, would finally drop off that Ferrari you've been missing. Worth a try, I say.

I’d rather put up a notice that says “buy Tod’s new book, do yourself a favor." Go to his website at www.todgoldberg.com and buy any book he mentions on there. I’ve read 3 of them so far, and have never been disappointed by his awesome taste in books. Well and if you can fulfill his suggestions for me, by all means, feel free!

4. I’m working on a “books I have read” update sort of thing for my regular website and am planning to revamp and change some things on there.

5. I’m still tired….so I’m going to bed…
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