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Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2006
SOOOOoooo I have a friend (who was my co-worker until we made friends…now she’s my friend that I’ve worked with…yes there is the need for this distinction.) who has been dating a guy that lived in Florida when she was working on her degree (at the same University I work for and attend). Said guy moved to Ohio and since then (2 years now) they have been dating via cell phone, email and the not often enough airline flights back and forth between the two locations.

My friend is now transferring to one of the companies locations in Ohio to be closer to her man. Friday is her last day. Today we will go out to lunch as she is working in my location not in Tampa. I just got used to having that friendship with her and now she’s going to be gone. I’m not big on female friendships and have long had a hard time cultivating them. (one reason why I joined the book club and go even when my innermost fibers scream for solitary confinement)

Friend and I will go to lunch today one last time….at our regular place I’m sure. I hope like heck I don’t start blubbering out my feelings about our friendship in a goofy way. I also hope that she and I will keep in touch in the same way that Tonymac and I have managed to. (Tonymac told me recently that he doesn't care to keep in touch with anyone else in Florida but me.... true friendship is such a rare rare thing if you think about it....acquaintences is one thing...truly being and having a friend is another) It’s somewhat easier when we are networked together via our work systems.

In the end I really just hope she’s happier in Ohio and that they get married and start pumping out some beautiful babies and oh they also need to buy a dog for the backyard. :-) The dog will need a sweater though…..she is going to be in OHIO.

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