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Monday, May. 23, 2005

Where am I tonight as I write this entry?I am NOT in my own home thatís for sure.One day when normalcy returns I will post pictures of the moldy nightmare that was formerly my kitchen so that you can see what hell has befallen Rick and I today.


A few months ago we had a leak from the upstairs that was leaking down into our kitchen.We noticed, we complained and complained and the manager at the complex did nothing and did more nothing.I got bitchier and bitchier and finally they ordered new cabinets and came today to take out the old and put in the new.It has been one long drawn out affair already.I have discussed the problem so many times that I never wrote about it here because I was just fed up with the topic entirely and could not bring myself to write about it too.But alasÖthis is the breaking point and I must write about it or kill someone tonight.


There is enough mold in my kitchen for us to open a cheese factory or at the very least a science experiment lab of some type.Itís so disgusting in there right now, the walls are nearly entirely black.They are fuzzy like a woolly sweater and the entire apartment stinks of some evil much like the Amityville Horror of olden days.


So tonight Rick and I are at his half brotherís house nearby.Iíll be crashing on his couch and Rick will be on the floor.I have to mention here that last night we did not sleep well because our air conditioner was on the fritz and it was entirely too damn hot in the apartment.So this will be the 2nd night of sure to come unrest.Itís just not the same as a normal night in your own home.


The kitchen walls are so entirely bad that Rick and I anticipate having to move all of our belongings to another apartment in the near future.I also anticipate chopping off the gay mangers head and serving it to the neighborhood dogs tomorrow as well.We had to move the last time because this complex UPGRADED everything and insisted that we had to move into an UPGRADED apartment.Let me just say that all they apparently did was put pretty icing on a shit cake.Iím furious at this point.Iím tired.


I left my little doggie in the apartment and feel badly for her, but it was last minute and no one could really wanted her coming over.And if I did bring her with me sheíd be in an un-airconditioned garage and sheís better off in the air conditioned bedroom of our apartment for tonight.


I have already informed my supervisor that Iím experiencing an emergency and will be late in the morning if I come in at all.Which sucks because I was ahead of the game and now I will fall behind.Gah!!! Rememeber that all Iíve been doing is working working working!Remember?Well itís about to get worse.


So, tomorrow weíll either be moving or enduring having entire walls ripped out and repaired.Either way lifeís going to be hellacious for days to come.


I brought along my laptop because I had to log in and do the student thing.Thankfully the future step brother in law was nice enough to invite us both in for the night.It should be noted that he got a new refrigerator and it tells you what the temperature is.NiceÖ.gotta love that.


In other news, the ex moved to Pinellas Park..hahahahahaÖ..Iím sure thatís not a very nice place to be.Pinellas Park is like the Hee Haw section of town.Hickville in the center of cityville.

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