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Monday, Jul. 17, 2006
So three more days. I have the doctorís appointment on Thursday morning. Iím actually okay right now. I havenít really had time to sit down and think too much about it. I spent my weekend downloading music and uploading my Ipod. Rick and I went to see ďThe Devil wears PradaĒ and the book was of course, better. The book wasnít great by any means so donít misunderstand me. It was a beachy read, quick and dim-witted but entertaining. Same thing for the movie only it was worse because there was no real drama, no sex, no espionage and no excitement. The only truly interesting thing was the clothing. I was not impressed with Meryl Streep in this movie even if everyone else is. I still remember her in Kramer vs. Kramer and ever since then she always disappoints me somehow. The HoursÖI think she was in that movie and I liked that movieÖ.

Itís Monday morning and Iím way early for work so Iím typing an entry. Iíve been playing catch up on my blog reading, (which is easy to do over the weekend because no one really writes over the weeknd) Why that is, Iím not sure. I suppose everyoneís busy living life so they can blog about it all week.

I didnít sleep well last night, come to think of it I havenít been sleeping well lately at all. I toss and turn and wake up hot and sweaty and miserable. The air conditioning is on and itís running and itís not that itís so hot in the room. I just wake up feeling like crap a few times a night and canít get comfortable. Chloe feels the need to sleep right on my leg or against my skin and sheís like 200 degrees of molten lava. Sheíd be a great dog to own if you lived in Alaska. Of course she would die living there, sheís always cold in Florida. I seriously donít know whatís up with my inability to get a good night of sleep.

Well this is itÖthis is all I have to offerÖ.itís Monday morning, my coffee is half gone, and itís time to get to work.

p.s. The character in the book smoked...the character in the movie....yah...not at all.

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