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Tuesday, Jul. 16, 2002
Mad wrote me a poem today

One Song

I remember when you flew to my window
dancing on my window sill
with little bird feet
singing sweetly
some wordless poetry
Praying you would
not leave

Every morning sun
to my feet in hope
to find you
on my window sill
waiting for

What could I offer
but nice words
mere crumbs
of stale bread
yet you sang even
more beautifully

One day I saw you
looking at me
tears flowing
from small misted eyes
you danced
and danced
with more passion
then I have or will ever witness

My tears started to flow
I don't know when it happened
maybe a brief second to catch
my fading breath
I opened my mouth
and in a second
you flew
dancing around my lips
as if a kiss
before flying inside

Instinct should have thought
it odd
but I never felt
more alive
as your song rushed
through my veins
I felt dance finding my feet
and my voice proclaiming
some mystic poetry
my body
two souls
now one
Once song
one dance

You are the rhythm of my feet
the melody of my poetry
I smile
as I know you will never
leave for you are me
as I am you
in a secret world where
there are no end
no beginning
only love...

Mad Prophet
and so I wrote one back


A thousand blankets can not warm me
Or keep my teardrops dried
I am immobile motion
Without you close to me
I need to know you are nearby

I have stood in darkness
Though itís hard to remember now
Itís impossible for me to describe Ďaloneí
Ever since you came along
I canít even begin to try

All the jagged edges of
What I used to be
Are somehow hanging beautifully
In the spring cotton whites
I am now a long row of perfectly
Lined up poetry

I was an angel without a wing
Before you I couldnít fly
Not a princess with a pretty crown
Until my prince came to tilt it back
Sometimes it still comes
Crashing to the ground
I never fall with the pieces
Because you just know
When to come around

There will never be a castle
Where I dwell too high in the sky
For in my braided letters
In the thin strands of my air
You can always find me
I will meet with you
In the arch of the motion
a shooting stars song
like the spark of a firefly
it will never take me very long
- Me
4:59 p.m. ::
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