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one way ride - Leldon

Saturday, Feb. 16, 2002
A few years ago, about 3 or 4 I met someone online that used to send me these great mp3’s of songs that he was writing. Back in 2000 his band released a CD. They came to Tampa and played a show and I went. I walked up to him and said “hi I’m…(insert ridicules online chat name here..) and he shook my hand and said, “thanks for coming.”

The show was awesome. The band has since disbanded, but you can still get their CD online on www.cdnow.com or somewhere else like that. You can also download a lot of their stuff free on www.audiogalaxy.com It’s kinda like that band 3 Doors Down. It’s really good stuff. And the lead singer, Leldon….his voice makes me cry. There’s a song called Beautiful Blue about his mother passing away when he was rather young and she told him to always look at the “beautiful blue” sky and remember her. She said she'd always be right behind the Beautiful Blue. That song makes me cry every time I hear it.

I dug this CD out this morning for some reason and I missed Leldon. He and I used to have some great chats. He was a big part of the reason that I started to write again. When I met him I had given it all up. He sent me some lyrics and I said “hey I used to write.” And I went running to get my journal full of poetry. I typed some in and I don’t know if he was kyping my words, although I doubt it cause his music is beautifully written….but he changed the course that I was on. He challenged me to write again. Giving me the subject of “7 minutes”. I wrote this crap poem in reply and showed it to him the next day..he told me it sucked and it does…but it got my pen moving across the page again 3 years ago. Wherever Leldon is, (somewhere in Cali) I hope he’s doing well. There’s a quote in his CD liner that says ”For every thought and emotion, there is a musical feeling that is equal.” I love that quote, I think it’ll end up on a wall or a piece of my furniture one day. My bad attempt to write again way back when….I still love that he told me that it sucked…it made me determined to exercise my talents again. He did the right thing telling me it sucked!

7 minutes

7 minutes ticking away
What does it matter anyway?
You are no one but wait
I intently heard everything you had to say
And I picked up my weeping pen today

7 minutes that I have not lived yet.
Did it take 7 minutes for us to have met?
You are no one but wait
Lyrically you challenge me
My pen quivers away 7 minutes to history

7 minutes to find my yellow pages of rhyme
Not long did it take to remember they were mine
You are no one but wait
You awaken something deep inside of me
You reminded me of my music lyrically

7 minutes to read what I have created
Again I shall never let creativity be sated
You are no one but wait
Your breathe of time opened hidden treasure
Done so easily without desperate measure
-PoeticaL (1999)

People like Leldon come into our lives for sometimes the briefest of moments and then one day they’re gone…..but not really….they never completely go…I remember him sending this song to me on a mp3 format that had the worst sound quality. He told me he recorded it in his bathroom with the door closed to get a “hollow” sound from it. 2 years later when I bought the CD I skipped to track 9 right away….I love that a man believes in fairytale love enough to write about it.


~I’ll take it all~

Lets turn back to page one
Start over again
Rewrite a perfect loving fairy tale
In a world with no sorrow and no pain
Little tinker bells flying everywhere
Deep sea blue skies living without a care
In a world of wonderful things

We’ll sail away into the sun
Smiling down on everyone
Euphoria of ours in reach
It always is if you believe
And if you fall, don’t come off track
I’ll be there for you, know that
Don’t ever think I’ll let you go
The only thing I want you to know is that

I’ll take your wrong and make it right, yeah
Know this is true I’ll never lie to you
I’ll take it all and give everything
Everything you need, yeah

Then no more
Will have to run and hide
From the bottled up pressures
Buried deep inside
In our world there’ll be no such thing
Freedom to go and do what we please
Never any battles leaving us broken down
On our knees
In a world of wonderful things

We’ll sail away into the night
With the moon shining down bright
Euphoria of ours in reach,
It always is if you believe

And if you fall or come off track
I’ll be there for you, know that
Don’t ever think I’ll let you go

One Way Ride
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