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one (you) - poem

Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2002
I didn’t write that pooh poem Dan! I wish I wrote that Pooh poem. Eeeyore…the man wrote that poem! But it’s way kewl…. ;-)

I have tons on my mind regarding Captain Ron’s recent guestbook wordage. I’m gonna have to sit down at home in silence to address that one….

Last night someone from the scroll tracked me down just to tell me (almost exactly a year to the day that I wrote it) that he had this poem printed out and still loved it. That’s the best compliment…ever. Thanks Duke!

I’m remembering that it was completely written about the one (dan). But I can't find it on fireseek's baby sites ...grrr.... ;-)

one (you)

what you and i know
is a gift


the knowing
you can turn
yourself inside
back outright

and only

to still be held
in the embrace
of another’s eyes
as beautiful
despite the
or smudges
against clean

i am
a movement
when stillness
is societies rule

it is you
that i am sober
to reality for
just you
that i am without
vice for
you are
my muse
my mentor
my child learning
my contemplated
thoughts invented
for your judgment
is never discerning

inside out
upside down
straight lines
turned from doubts
to smile

that i confess to
you i follow

i fall into
when i need
to ache
you i
when the belief
that i
can be pretty
sought after
and bought
for no cost
is impending

you that
my ink cries for
longs for
lusts for
and belongs for

in simplicity
you that has
one within me
you are
the star that
the night
to burn out
in a fizzle

you are
a firefly
through my wind
on a sigh

but i
realize now
can compare
to the one (you)

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