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Friday, Feb. 08, 2002
And there is a new test…much harder….right here

1 doctor visit $15.00
1 pharmacy bill $45.68
1 mono test (no results yet)
1 strep throat test (no results yet)
3 tablets of Allegra dropped down the hatch
3 Zithromax antibiotic pills popped
1 new brightly colored sweater (boobalicious)
1 giant bowl of veggie soup
1 humongus cup of hot tea with animal crackers
1 two-hour (checkin’ on the “sick” girl) phone call from “him”
+ 1 "He" told me my Valentines Day gift will be delivered late on February 18
(but he ordered it already!!!!)
= PoeticaL on the moon

Giant steps are what you take
Walking on the moon
I hope my legs don't break
Walking on the moon
We could walk forever
Walking on the moon
We could be together
Walking on, walking on the moon
-The Police
12:48 p.m. ::
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