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Sunday, Sept. 22, 2002
john is not emo: good night
Kwisty2k: hey
Kwisty2k: before you go
Kwisty2k: me talking to the other john and he's kewl
Kwisty2k: so thanks for yanking my ass into that chat
Kwisty2k: :-D
john is not emo: haha sure
Kwisty2k: i'm not kidding
Kwisty2k: thanks
john is not emo: youre welcome then!
john is not emo signed off at 2:45:46 AM.

meanwhile in a window nearby…

EldJohnson: do you have any Paul Westerberg on your comp?'
Kwisty2k: i don't think so
Kwisty2k: odd eh
EldJohnson: 'cause i can't find much on the net right now
Kwisty2k: aww you were looking
EldJohnson: yeah
EldJohnson: but he's now on my recommended listening list


EldJohnson: go and pickup Tigana or Lions of al-Rassan now
Kwisty2k: now?
EldJohnson: do not pass Go do not collect 200.00
Kwisty2k: lol
EldJohnson: well maybe tomorrow
Kwisty2k: hmmm why?
EldJohnson: 'cause he's good
EldJohnson: i own all his stuff

ok I have to go lay down cause I have a trip to make back to the bookstore at dawn…wait..it’s almost dawn now…
3:59 a.m. ::
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