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ouch my back

Sunday, Nov. 24, 2002
Iím tired.
Iím bored.
But mostly Iím sick.

I spent the day largely by myself. I watched the Scooby Doo movie and the only thing that stuck with me was the fact that all of the characters talk the same way the cartoon ones do. But whatís with Buffy dropping in on Scooby Doo? I mean really, that was just distracting watching her in that fight scene.

I think I did something major to my back in the last 2 days or so because no matter what I do it hurts. Like I sit, it hurts, I stand, it hurts, I lay down it hurts. Thankfully I have a plethora of pain pills at my disposal. I have taken 3 different things today. One of which makes me itchy, one of which musta been a vitamin in disguise and one of which is making me feel rather happy but isnít doing much for my back.

I spent most of my night completing assignments for some stuff Iím working on with ďhimĒ. Heís a good assignment giver. The only thing I didnít do today was buy those rag magís and complete that mission. But thatís cause I never left my house except to buy cold medicine. Yeah my back hurts and Iím sick too.

I spent part of my evening talking to this guy. I mean thatís his website and check out that extensive book list. A guy that reads and knows about authors? Awesome stuffÖ He slightly reminds me of Josh and yet of course is a different person. I love guys that read. They come in my book right after guys that are smart! But címon people that read are just smart by osmosis. How can you do one without ending up the other? He keeps a diary elsewhere and is quite the poet too. That counts for more points. I love guys that write. Write anything! And Kevin writes some pretty kewl stuff on his other site Iím not gonna list. Itís just fun to talk to someone that can tell me about books, music, moviesÖetc.

Bucky got skates for his birthday and he never took them off all day today. ;-) Heís happy about em. Just way expensive at $270 for a pair of speed rollerblades!!! And they wanted to give us a trade in of $15 on the skates that were equally expensive 2 yrs ago. We laughed, and kept em.

Ok thatís about it for my day. Sick, back aching, and a few other things.

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