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Friday, Jul. 19, 2002
This is not about a popularity contest for me. I read what makes me laugh, keeps me interested and just generally might teach me a thing or two and or is just lovely prose. There, I don’t ask for much. Sometimes those banners popping up every damn time I want to update really aggravate me. Other times I just hate the fact that the interesting looking ones come up right when I’m pasting my brilliance (ack) in for a new entry. And then it’s the decision time. Hit enter. Or click banner. This is so annoying. It’s like being the fattest kid in class trying not to eat donuts when everyone else is. Should I ? Shouldn’t I?

Ok so tonight I did. I mean I didn’t eat the donut. I clicked the banner. And I think I hit pay dirt right to garyhoare here and that shortly led me to pOetiK

C’mon he’s someone with a haiku war link when I have my pathetic albeit PoetiKu? Woah…. And he’s got a link to a spoken word poetry site and a book he’s gotten published. Woah twice….

And then notice pOetik a big O like my big L? Ok it’s lame of me. But we all know there are these insane reasons we decide to give a persons diary our attention. These little tendrils of thoughts that we find that strap us in for the ride hoping the ride is a good one.

I’m also adding dizboy because I have a new thing for gay boys thanks to milkmaid for whom I started to read so so long ago because she had a “garden” and now she’s …corrupting me in nice ways…

Now all this adding usually means I go off some wordage from my list. It usually ends up being someone I had such high hopes for. Someone that had good intentions on keeping a journal and then just didn’t. Or someone that keeps moving their diary around sooo damned much that I can’t get attached. I can’t ever think they’re diary is like an old stomping ground when the ground keeps getting swiped away. Or how about the people that password protect their diary. As if I can remember passwords for other peoples shit?!? I can’t even remember all of my own all the time!!! I mean….please.

been deleted to make room for newness…

commonwoman moved….I don’t have time to email you. If you want me to follow you and read, you email me!

girlsix – deleted…..wtf happened there?

ktothac – migrated and will be on my new list of “non-diary” reads (couldn't delete her old one after all) that I gotta do, cause I have a hard time remembering to come read often enough. She made my heading pic for me as a surprise. Awwww

tearofaclown – this was Tim’s two entry short ass pathetic diary. Sense a little cynicism? Well you should!

Zenincarnate – I totally love this guy but c’mon I don’t think he’s gonna do another entry ever!

waxpoetic – she can’t make up her mind if she’s writing in this diary or not… It’s a cycle I tell ya! A cycle….
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