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Saturday, Sept. 20, 2003

A few days ago I called my grandmother from work.  I got there early and there is a phone installed for employee use and I called her.  I had a half hour.  I ended up on my proverbial knees bawling my eyes out in the employee break room watching people rush past me to start their day.


I hadn’t talked to her about the divorce.  I remember at one point she said, “I’m sure you’re happy it’s over.”  For the first time ever I uttered “I’m happy I can move on, I’m happy I have another chance…I will never be happy that something and someone I chose to believe in had to ever be over.”


To which she simply replied, “I love you Kristy and you’ll be ok.”


Sometimes someone says the right thing at the right time.  That was one of those times….


Tonight I checked the mail and I got a letter in the form of a card from her.  It said “Thinking of You” on the front.  Before I ever opened the card I started to cry.  I mostly walk around my every day life feeling family-less.  Telling myself that all I have in the world is my son.  When that envelope met my hand I realized that if I just reach out to people…sometimes they are really there.


My grandfather celebrated his 80th birthday this past June.  She included a newspaper clipping of the happy ad she placed in the local newspaper back in Johnstown.  His picture was in there.  He’s always loved reading happy ads.  I cannot believe he’s 80.  I have decided that I’m going to sit down and write him a letter and say all of the things I know I have to say while I can say them.



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