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Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2002
Happy Tuesday Happy Tuesday! Says who? ;-)

I feel bad for anyone that doesn’t have Bucky entertainment every morning to start your day. This morning was “blow your plastic flute all the way to school” day. Ugh my head is pounding!

Last night I snagged a copy of Corrections by Jonathan Franzen for cheap cheap at Barnes and Noble. A little over $10. So I’m going to be busy reading that for awhile. I know I should be reading something more than what’s the talk of the book town but I just have to know if its all they say it is.

Today at work I am going to be busy. I am the inventory analyst of the day for some newly acquired excess inventory. I am sorting, organizing, documenting and in some cases tubing capacitors. Capacitors are fun to play with. But they are dirty, unorganized, lead filled and (lead as in lead for a dog, not lead as in pencil lead) This is not a fun task, but then again it is. I like to play with electronic parts. If you’ve never done it, it is quite a treat. Strange how one tube of electronic parts can be worth thousands. Thousands and thousands!! Selling active and passives can be quite lucrative. The company I work for is going to this… Electronica 2002 I am not personally going, but 4 of our guys are going, which is really great for our company all the way around. Germany would be a cool trip though. And it will be quiet while they are gone. But me and Lynda will be busy as shit, well maybe not. The entire industry goes to Germany so on the broker side it’s quiet. Let’s hope.

Last night I did some apartment shopping online. Some decent places there. But I know for fact that those places lie on rent.com Some say they have fireplaces and they don’t! Scams! I would love to have a fireplace, but then again who wouldn’t?

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