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finally the part time job!!!!

Monday, Jun. 02, 2003
I am having a decent enough day. I got my period. This is amazing in my world and would explain why I have been so damn bitchy lately. Poor Rick. I also got good news this morning. My part time job came through. Iíll be working Sat & Sun 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. doing easy data entry. I get paid for the entire time Iím there. Simple easy stuff. Typing. DohÖ.thatís the easiest thing in the world for me. I canít miss any days in the first 90 days of working. (I wonder if that means 90 days from start or 90 days of actual work in this caseÖhmm..) They will mail me my checks too. Thatís always nice. Check in the mail instead of a bill. So Iíll be working my full time job M 8:30 Ė 5:30 T 8:00 Ė 5:00 (changed to allow for my class on Tuesdays) Wed & Thurs 8:30 Ė 5:30 and Friday 8:30 to 12 and then Sat and Sun 10 to 8 or earlier if we complete our work early. They give five and ten minute breaks so I can eat there and we donít lose money for lunch. All in all Iíll be working 7 days a week. My short day, FridayÖmight be a lifesaver. Rick is looking to get a different job installing hubs. If that happens weíll both be on daylight through the week and heíd be off on the weekends I think. Weíll see how it all goes.

I havenít seen my son for far too long. I hope this ends soon. I canít stand it. It sucks in ways I canít describe. Iím moody, sad, crying..most of the time. Itís affecting everything in my life.

Tonight Iím going to lay by the pool and read. I canít wait. I need to chill out. I need to calm down and just loosen up. My nerves are totally shot. Perhaps working this much will help. 55+ hours a week. Iíll be alright.

My belly button is almost healedÖits just itchy now. I dig it. I want to get a navel ring that has the Chinese symbol for love on it. I need some loveÖ.. less frustration pleaseÖ.

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