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Sunday, Apr. 21, 2002
Keep in mind that I haven’t seen David since the night I met him…..and the Cayman Islands…..it is in fact the place where husband could go and work…and I COULD go there if I chose to. I decided to end the David farce…..I’m tired of lying.

The odd thing is everything I said I felt about David is exactly what I feel about “him”. He just forgot….forgot everything….like it never happened. And now our conversations are entirely pointless. But I still talk to him because I remember…..

“him”: why didnt you go to the K islands
PoeticaL: um...we can talk about anything but I don't want to talk about that
“him”: ok just tell me why
PoeticaL: its over
“him”: end with a bad note
PoeticaL: its just over
“him”: well thats 2 bad
“him”: im sorry
PoeticaL: *shrugs*
“him”: ive had a good weekend
PoeticaL: that's nice
“him”: went to a party today and got drunk
PoeticaL: unlike you
“him”: it was fun
PoeticaL: good
“him”: brian julie shana my ex other ppl were there
“him”: linda
“him”: she met bev today
PoeticaL: interesting
“him”: she was worried at first but i told her not too be
PoeticaL: how'd it go?
“him”: just great
“him”: bev was nice
“him”: she was nice to me 2
PoeticaL: good
“him”: awhile ago we set her up with mike
PoeticaL: who's mike?
“him”: one of shanas friends dad
“him”: same age
“him”: as bev
PoeticaL: that's kewl
“him”: they been getting along great
PoeticaL: what a nice little happy ending
“him”: yep
“him”: who knows maybe shell move to raleigh
“him”: he can support her
PoeticaL: bev?
“him”: yep
PoeticaL: she needs to support herself for crying out loud!
“him”: man has she gained weight
“him”: but she doesnt do anything
“him”: brb
“him”: im back
PoeticaL: yippee
“him”: lol shuddup
PoeticaL: ok
“him”: damn you dont even argue anymore
“him”: hey guess what
PoeticaL: *shrugs*
“him”: i have cell phone now
PoeticaL: i know
“him”: who told
PoeticaL: tell me something I don't know
PoeticaL: you!
“him”: did i give you the #
PoeticaL: no
“him”: well see
“him”: i told you i was getting one
PoeticaL: you told me you had it...it's a nokia
PoeticaL: you didn't know how to change the ring
“him”: ya thats right
“him”: my head still hurts
PoeticaL: from?
“him”: im not big on drinking but i drank 7 bottles of beer plus 3 wine coolers at the party today
PoeticaL: i have no pity
“him”: i have my own
“him”: poor poor pittyful “him”
PoeticaL: hahahahahahaha
“him”: oh is that your song
PoeticaL: nope
PoeticaL: i'm not feeling sorry for myself
“him”: he left and you 2 broke up
“him”: he didnt have 2 leave
PoeticaL: i don't want to talk about it
“him”: ok
PoeticaL: good
“him”: i need to go 2 the store and get some fucken advil
PoeticaL: i chose to not go cause i didn't want a long goodbye and I asked him a direct question and didn't like the answer
“him”: your relationship with him was too new
PoeticaL: fuck it
“him”: if you 2 would of been intimate then he probably wouldnt have left
PoeticaL: wrong
PoeticaL: that's wrong...you're wrong
PoeticaL: cause we were
PoeticaL: he still left
“him”: you slept with him
PoeticaL: we were intimate
“him”: not the same
“him”: you held back
PoeticaL: *shrugs*
PoeticaL: i'm not gonna do that again
“him”: so he figured you 2 were on a train going nowhere
PoeticaL: wrong
PoeticaL: i slept with him
PoeticaL: he still left
PoeticaL: poof
PoeticaL: gone
“him”: then he didnt care
PoeticaL: "I have to follow my dreams"
PoeticaL: his words
“him”: he could do that and fit you in them too
PoeticaL: not there
PoeticaL: I couldn't go there to live
“him”: why not
PoeticaL: cause
PoeticaL: you can't just move there
“him”: why cant he open a bank account with your name
“him”: proof that you can support yourself
“him”: its so easy if you really want it
“him”: he obviously didnt want it
PoeticaL: http://cayman.com.ky/cayman.htm
PoeticaL: well fuck!
PoeticaL: rub it in “him”
“him”: im not
“him”: im saying if he wanted things to work with you 2 he could of done it
PoeticaL: I know that
PoeticaL: i'm very aware
“him”: ok
PoeticaL: its over
PoeticaL: he's gone
PoeticaL: and I didn't go
“him”: i guess so
PoeticaL: i decided I'm never jumping a plane for any man ever again
“him”: shrugs
PoeticaL: no one ever
PoeticaL: waste of energy
PoeticaL: in fact I think I might turn gay
PoeticaL: lol
“him”: no dont do that
PoeticaL: why not?
PoeticaL: give me one good reason
“him”: because thats fucked up
PoeticaL: lol
“him”: and its against Gods wishes
PoeticaL: well I've done everything right
PoeticaL: and what's the point?
PoeticaL: nevermind
PoeticaL: I'm asking a drunk man
PoeticaL: for the answer to life
“him”: the point is to suceed
PoeticaL: pathetic on my part
“him”: im not drunk
PoeticaL: bull
“him”: at 2 pm i was
PoeticaL: lol
“him”: thats 7 hours ago
“him”: the party was at 12
PoeticaL: well it sounds to me like everything is going right for you
“him”: yes pretty good
PoeticaL: then why bother talking to me?
“him”: that question didnt make sense
PoeticaL: ok
“him”: can you ask one that does
PoeticaL: why are you talking to me?
“him”: because your my friend and your online same time i checked my email
PoeticaL: lol ok
“him”: good for you?
PoeticaL: it works
“him”: works 4 me?
PoeticaL: i'm just sad
PoeticaL: it'll pass
“him”: i know
PoeticaL: it always does
“him”: im sorry
PoeticaL: *shrugs*
PoeticaL: shit happens
“him”: was hoping youd be happy this time
PoeticaL: the worst part of it is that David wasn't too phased about me not going
PoeticaL: its like he left and forgot
“him”: thats cold
PoeticaL: that's the worst part
“him”: im glad you didnt move into his house
PoeticaL: you're glad?
PoeticaL: I'm fucking GLAD
PoeticaL: I had a bad feeling about that
“him”: me 2
“him”: not good
“him”: but i didnt want to tell you what to do anymore
PoeticaL: since when?
PoeticaL: hahahaha
“him”: since you kept telling me you have it figured out
PoeticaL: well I do .....
PoeticaL: I just didn't want to be right
“him”: being right for me comes easy
PoeticaL: gag me
“him”: auotmatic
“him”: automatic
PoeticaL: <---rolls eyes
“him”: instantly hehe
“him”: 2nd nature
“him”: without trying
PoeticaL: lemme show you something
PoeticaL wants to directly connect.
“him” is now directly connected.
“him”: whos that
PoeticaL: David on Friday smiling even though I told him I wasn't getting on the plane
PoeticaL: he's in the Cayman's having a blast
PoeticaL: he doesn't care
“him”: give him time he might
PoeticaL: i'm not waiting around
PoeticaL: I know that much
“him”: no dont
PoeticaL: i went out today and had a good time
“him”: i need to run
PoeticaL: k bye
“him”: fucken head is killing me
PoeticaL: LMFAO
PoeticaL: that's funny
“him” direct connection is closed.
“him” signed off at 9:37:10 PM.
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