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r.i.p. paula danziger

Monday, Dec. 06, 2004
I just read that Paula Danziger died this past July. I hate that I knew that Rick James died the day after and I have to find out myself 5 months after the fact that a literary great in the world of children’s novels is dead …5 months later. I read “The Cat Ate my Gymsuit” when I was about 12. I just got a flood of memories of that first bookcase, those tiny spines of all those books I once had.

My mother did only one thing right when I was a kid. She bought me a lot of books. She bought me a set of Judy Blume books and she let me have books pretty darned often as a child. I can’t figure out why she did that right, but the rest….oh hell the rest….

Rest in peace Ms. Danziger, my 12 year old lonely soul still loves you.


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