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Thursday, Jan. 29, 2004

miss come and go
where ya been now
miss there you went
and i'm still here somehow

i'm over here
in the darkness of my fears
you're over there
behind your anger
with all those doubled up covered tears

i look right at you
and you see right through me
we're crushing all the worlds eggshells
listening to past loves, driving
through the hush
screaming back over the years

you lay on your side
and I crave the smallest hint
that blush of understanding
a colored up love
only together we mesh a perfect tint

i wash all of those ugly memorys
a tide full, I'm bubbled up
just another goodbye my kiss
i watch small toes of walk aways
a sidewalk printed downfall
oh if I could just capture
like black and white shots
and forget everything not gray
stuck in only my in betweens
and just salvage all my bliss

if i could brush across your lips
my words, the thoughts I truly mean
then you could bend me back again
into that love we truly share
that thing we've got forensic proof of
scientific action, that was intermingled
that thing...that wonderful former scene

your fingers tangling through my hair
my words a whispered wishful crush
we'd blend two shades of me and me
and you, that hue, we'd become
a picture perfect sickly mush

somewhere in a trepid brooke
we'd swim in and out of liquid flesh
i'd trap your limbs like butterfly wings
and with my heart i'd catch you
encompassing, everything we are
the more, no more nonetheless

i'd tattoo my soul upon your world
and you'd constantly need to peek around
i'd fly to heights above myself
and trip your name across the clouds
then when it rained you'd always
remember me, when love was
all that lightening could tumble back down

i realize i'm all over the place
i might just be the cause
of feeling down when we're only lost
you might just want to bill me
send me a draft and a cast to wear
i can only pay back the cost
and hope that somewhere in this
there is only one thing you
can clearly hear


i love you on Monday
when the clouds are gray
I love you every Tuesday
no matter what I might in anger say
I love you more on Wedneday
because the week is slowly slipping by
I love you so much on Thursday
but sometimes I find I can only cry
I love you more on Friday
when we have time to sit and play
I love you smiling every Saturday
this is my favorite day without lie

I love you blessedly on Sunday
this is when I thank God for sending me the perfect guy.


you miss me
when you're leaving
you run back to say goodbye

you think of what you want
when you're in front of me
but then it's gone in the blink of an eye

you never call on wednesday
just to say you care

you never wonder after leaving

but i'm still aware


-all previous words by moi....i was writing again and so that's all that matters to me...i'm swimming again and I thought I forgot how to find that place...I go through spurts...does everyone do that?

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