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Saturday, May. 08, 2004

I spend every motherís day being sad and upset.I always end up crying sometime before the actual Sunday hits.Itís an inevitable.However this year I set out to not do it.Then today my son arrives with no gift, no card, no real idea that itís Motherís Day and Iím wanting to make a voodoo doll in his fathers liking and stab it repeatedly until all its stuffing comes out.Iíve already cried 3 times today.Spontaneous tears.Itís not the lack of gift, itís the lack of teaching my son how to treat women that bothers me.The bad example that itís ok to treat your wife like crap and then your mother like crap as well.Sad.


I left the apartment for a bit to grab some coffee and drop some off with b.f. since heís at work and Iím feeling the need to do for other people those small things that rarely get done for me so I went there and gave him some coffee.I ended up crying to him about whatís going on and so he decides that on Monday heís going to buy me a TV from Best Buy that Iíve been eyeing.And there you have itÖ.in the end no matter what is lacking there is always someone that arrives in your life to paste over the holes.To patch and hold together the gaping wounds in my heart.


And for now this is all I have to say about this Ö..

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