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Monday, May. 31, 2004

I could post pictures of my drunken b.f. yesterday. I could post pictures of his brother’s girlfriend’s cat that I fell in love with or I could just skip it all and write something happier.  Yah I’ll do that as soon as I have something happier to write.  Fought all night with b.f. about how shitty I apparently am.  I won’t smash him through the mud because that would prove him right.  I will just skip it …skip it all because if I wrote about it then I’d be a bitch. 


I did however get a happy email from Allison Burnett whereby he told me that Lifetime TV (Dan’s wife’s favorite station) is airing a movie that he wrote… the email went like this….


….meant to tell you...

An original script I wrote a year ago, originally called Keyword Love, was recently made into a TV movie by Lifetime.  It’s the first romantic comedy Lifetime has ever made as an Original Movie.  It’s pretty charming and moving.  Kathleen Quinlan gives an incredible performance.  It airs a week from tonight.



June 7 at 9 pm et/pt

Tess thought she had found the perfect man for her daughter — using an
online matchmaking service. But this meddling mom's attempts to play Cupid go awry. This lighthearted movie is a reminder that love is out there in the most unexpected places. Tune in!


Yah….according to some people all romance online goes awry…


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