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my son just knows I have a pers

Saturday, Apr. 10, 2004

PupArt: can i have $50.00
Kwisty2k: hahahahahahahahahahaha
PupArt: thank u ill go to ur pers
Kwisty2k: my pers?
PupArt: ya
Kwisty2k: you mean purse
PupArt: ya
Kwisty2k: i don't have $50.00
my pers will laugh at you
PupArt: =-O
Kwisty2k: :-Pi laugh at you
PupArt: ha ha ha
Kwisty2k: you can have 50 cents
PupArt: ok hand over the doe
Kwisty2k: bwah ha ha ha ha you don't even have a gun

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