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Thursday, Feb. 24, 2005
I have been wanting to share this story forever, but had to wait for it to play itself out in order to properly do so

I have wanted to share this story forever, but had to wait for it to play itself out in order to properly do so.  I wrote an email to Chewie’s mom about this because she loves her doggie as much as I love mine and knew she would relate.  And yes, I can admit I shared the story with her because I KNEW she would take my side.  And when we’re angry about something don’t we all want someone to sit down beside us and say “yah girl…you’re right, that ho’ don’t know what she be doin’ wrong!”


Ok so she didn’t say that…but she did concur!


I wrote her the email on January 26 and so I’ve been waiting all this time (ok waiting and procrastinating too…) to share my doggie died story.


My email to fuzzygrey….


Today I got up late and decided to forgo the part time job.  I had to come up with a reasonable and viable excuse for why I wasn't going.  The first thing that popped into my head was "My dog got hit by a car and my ex-husband was driving the car and she was so small that now she's dead.I was so upset I left my cell phone behind to go and see.and..my son was there.and this is the first chance I had to call.."

I told this made up lying ass excuse to my part time employer boss because she never lets me out of work even for a minute..she'll say "oh if you're late come in late.an hour's better than nothing!" So I tell her the lie this morning to which she replied by telling me all of the things she was left to do on her own and how I called in late and how the only pertinent excuse she could accept was if someone had actually died.


My boyfriend pointed out that I should not be angry when I am the one that lied to her.  That I should just quit the job because it's obviously gotten to be too much.

But wait..that woman said "if someone had actually died" in reference to the lie that my dog did die?

Double Bitch!

Lastly.rest assured.Chloe'ness in all her wisdom'ness hates my ex-husband and growls like crazy and raises the hair on her neck and back everytime he shows his face.  Even though he trys to ply her with bones and treats. She HATES him.  Oh.and if she did die today I wouldn't be here typing. I'd die with her.


Chewie your Louie....he's one cool cat...for a dog!  :-)   Love his stripes. Love love love 'em.  Did he make yellow snow?


My vindication that the boss lady was in fact a Bitch came quickly.


From: "Fuzzygrey@…

To: "PoeticaL GirL"

Subject: Re: my boss is a bitch....!!!

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 15:58:16 -0800


You definitely need to quit your job. Part of my work ethic involves

that if you ever have to kill off a family member to get a day off,

you shouldn't be there. :)


And when she said, "if someone would have actually died" she might

have meant like SOMEONE dying and not a dog. Obviously not a dog

person... in which case... SUPER BITCH!!!!!



Now here’s the best part.  I went to work the next day.

And on my desk was this….


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She said nothing to me, but left a small heart shaped post it note (that came FREE in the Office Depot order that I myself placed two days prior) on my desk.  I said nothing but rolled my eyes for 3 hours.


That very night my very real and very “someone human” grandmother passed away.  I made a brief phone call the next morning informing the bitch boss lady that I would not be in for at least a week because my grandmother died.  She never called me back.  About 4 days later she did call asking that I call her.  I did.  I went back to work the following Monday.  I informed her I was giving her my two-week notice.  That was on February 2nd.  She was not happy about it because the company had wanted me to go fulltime working for them and I explained to her that they could not provide my $25K educational costs on top of my salary and so it would never be a go for me.  She was pissed probably because she spent 5 months training me hoping that she had her accounting prodigy.    


Then over the next two weeks she did little to nothing in the way of looking for anyone to replace me.  I had kindly (and oh so dumbly of me) said that I would hang in until a replacement was found and that I would even help train that person.  She did get applicants but did nothing in the way of follow through on them.  Of course they all sucked, so I almost understand why.


Finally last Wednesday I went to work.  I was miserable, tired, rundown, sleep depraved and sporting a headache the size of Texas.  She started her crap of talking to me like I was her 16 yr old daughter, it reminded me of the previous time when I called off and she was yelling into the phone like a lunatic at me and I finally got fed up.  I told her I had a headache and that I was going home. 


Now here’s the very very bestest part and here’s the pay off for all of you that have read this mumbo jumbo this far.  Ready…..???


I have NOT talked to her since!!!


I have thought about writing her a letter and telling her that my dog is not Dead though.  But really, in the big scheme of things what’s the point?


This was a lady who tried to tell me that I could go fulltime with them and go to college via financial aid.  Fool ass woman. 


I have the inside scoop on the company as I made friends with someone there and I was told yesterday that she’s totally slammed and things are not going well…..and all I can say to that is


At least your dog isn’t dead, and better yet neither is mine.



Ed. note. – I do not condone killing off your dog to avoid work, even if it is pretend peticide. I learned a good lesson from fuzzy! And I also get more sleep these days...and I spend more time writing and working on class with Chloe's supervision of course...
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For the record...that day, the day I didn't go into work because I got up late and fake killed off my beloved dog to have an excuse, was the only day I ever called off in 5 months. And THAT woman knew I was working two jobs. She's the fool idiot that convinced me that a tiny little part time job would be so nice....yah...phfft  

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