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Saturday, Sept. 09, 2006
Yesterday I called “him”. “Him” and I have kept in touch. We will probably always be friends because when you get to know someone that well over such a long period of time, you remain friends. Plus I’m still paying him back for the laptop loan from a few months ago. Rick sometimes accuses me of loving “him” and ya know…I’m not in love with anyone other than my husband but I do love “him” because I do love my friends.

I called him to find out how to “get healthy” and I asked for some recommendations on herbal supplements as well as uterine health etc. Why would I call “him”? And who is “him”? “Him” is someone that I met prior to my divorce from the ex-husband. He really was instrumental in so many of the changes I have made personally and otherwise. He’s probably a big part of the reason why I’m in college as well. He’s one of my biggest supporters. And “him” owns a medical supply company that’s making him ridiculously rich and he’s about to open a vitamin store as well. He’s very health conscience and looks 29 when he is in fact about to turn 40. Some of you remember “him” and know who I’m talking about. It’s been awhile since I spoke of “him” here but I used to write about “him” nearly daily.

After speaking to him I made a few decisions. First, I am buying this book….

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And I also placed an order for some supplements, vitamins, etc.

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I was also taking notes while I spoke to “him” last night. Why am I so willing to listen to him? Because every time I have I have not been steered wrong. Also his mother had a cyst on her cervix and the doctors wanted to do a full hysterectomy. He told her the same information he has given me. She followed it and went back to the doctor 4 months later and no cyst was found. Now yes this could be dr. error but she also lost 42 lbs in 3 months and was feeling great. I also trust “him” because we know each other so well.

The notes I took last night……I post them here for myself to not lose them…and for you too.

Grape seed extract – pill form..take it..it’s great antioxidant)

Blueberries – best fruit for antioxidants

Lemons – buy them, use juice in everything you can think of, juice cleans out all bodily systems

Parsley (boil 3 to 4 large bunches in water for 20 minutes…cool then blend with blender…..strain if you desire to remove any large leaves…….add cooled and blended to a gallon jug of distilled water and drink one to two glasses per day…will make you urinate often) (use this to clean out bodily functions and urinary tract systems, kidneys, etc.) Can add lemon juice or slices and or pure honey to flavor so that you can tolerate drinking it.

Garlic (roasted…..eat garlic it’s healthy healthy healthy!) (Buy garlic roaster from Target and roast garlic easily without heating up entire house)

Grapefruit juice (drink some every morning)

Avemar nutritional supplement (expensive….try other things first.)

Selenium – good supplement for overall health.

Yeast tablets enriched with 200 mcg of selenium are readily available at pharmacies as well as health stores across the U.S. for about $5 or so for a bottle of 50 to 100 tablets.

Other nutrients which help prevent cancer include vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, and lycopene.

Pumpkinseed oil is also good.

Naked juice is the best and only juice to buy and drink.

Water – can buy mint-flavored chlorophyll to make it interesting since drinking water is boring.

Grapeseed oil - cook in it..it’s good for you.

Be sure all supplements are free of soy. Soy in any synthetic or filler form is not good for you.

I also placed an order with overstock.com. My sister gave me a gift card for our wedding last year. Every time I went to overstock.com everything I would want was overpriced and I could get it elsewhere for less. I used my giftcard to buy the following

Insulin Resistance Diet (book)
Leslie Sansone: You Can Do! - Pilates (DVD)
Get the Sugar Out (book)
The Pcos Protection Plan (book)

So, I bought 3 books and one DVD that I’ve been wanting. The overstock order was covered by my sisters kind gift.

My vitamin order combined with the book purchase was $140 not counting the overstock.com order as that was a gift. Remember I spent $75 at the ER recently just so they could tell me it was a hematoma. I just want to be healthy and get myself feeling better. I also obviously have a weight issue that would be nice to resolve. But mostly I’d like to give my body the best possible chances at becoming healthy rather than not. I'd love to go back to the doctor lighter in weight and without facing a hysterectomy either. It's time for me to get really serious about me. This does not mean I will not be taking the Medroxyprogesterone, because I will be. It's a strong drug that has tons of side affects and the best way to counteract those side affects is by taking better care of myself as well.

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