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Pharmacology (poem)

Saturday, Apr. 05, 2003

Is it enough to be?
Be here like this
Where blindness is
Killing me

Is it too much for me?
To just be
Inside this lack of loneliness
Medicated aggravation
And now I am lost
Where will I go without my tears?
What will the price
Of happiness be?
What number will tally
Up the cost
For the loss of my only friend
Where are you hiding?
You were my only hell
Known well for so many years

Restraining me
Chemically altered
I am found to everyone
But I am lost when you
My saddest rain
When you are not around

Walking without creativity
Where are you my lovely pain?
Where did you go?
You were my only friend
How could you not know?
That if you left
Iíd ramble through
Smiling shaking hands
And saying nothing
For nothing could be said
If it werenít for you

You who had that scream
A voice with lips now sewn too tight
My thoughts are silenced
And while the blue sky
Thinks this is more right
To live a happy dream
I am lost despite the bliss
I am not myself
As I drink to my health

This is not enough
Too mellow
Yes this is like
Goodbye before the hello
One more chill
Swallowed and still
This is not me

This stick figure shallow shell
You see

This is not truly me
This me you accept

This me is not me
This aid doesnít help for free
Canít you see the cost for me?
The price of joy
Became the loss
Of my misery

Just a shadow
I am still lost
Now Iím the cost
Of pharmacology
Where are you? or where is me?
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