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Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2005
What have I pseudo written about in the last week that I haven’t been able to blog?

A ton of stuff actually. I’ve thought of a half a million things I would blog about if I could get to my diary. And now….now…..now I have little to NOTHING.

There is a man outside of my office window carrying a large letter E.

If he goes by with a large letter K…or even a giant P…I’m so jumping out the window to beg for it. I might even kill for a big R or a big C. Might…I said might.

The other night I went book shopping and totally thought of kristyk.org and her love of elephants when I saw this book…even I want to read it…

I bought this book for myself….

The other day I bought Rick a gift and hid it in the shower so he’d find it there…

I hid it inside the bathtub…

I put a sweet note on top for him…it said something to the effect of “because you brought sweet music into my silent world….”

That very same night he brought home a brand new dishwasher for me…and he didn’t know I bought him a gift….for no reason other than I love him.

Yesterday I had lunch with the man….

I love him so much…

..he hates when I post his picture…so since I posted his picture….I’m going to have to do something nice for him. I love you honey! …with all that I am…
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