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Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2005
Last year when I inquired about getting butterflies or doves for the wedding Chadly my coworker told me that I should just go the cheaper route and get mosquitoes. It’s been a running joke everytime he hears me discuss anything wedding related over the phone etc. Today I called my wedding officiant and ended up talking to Chadly via email about looking for a cake and possibly a photographer. I refuse to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for a wedding photographer and everyone I talk to has limits on their per hour charges and it’s flat out frustrating. I asked Chadly for his advice and this is what I got.

I have a Walgreen's disposable camera!! I could snap a couple of photo's of you and Rick sitting on a park bench wearing mosquito nets!! I will only charge you $20 an hour, plus food!!!!!

When I didn’t respond….I got this…

You asked and I gave you an answer!! How about this.. $30 an hour, minus food??

Fortunately I asked around and it turns out that a former co-worker of mine is an avid photographer and just did her own sisters wedding and I got hooked up with her and she’s talking to me about artistic poses and photo’s of my wedding dress on a scrolly beaded hanger for effect and black/white photos and angles and all sorts of interesting kristyk’esque style photography. Of course she is not KristyK but……well….she sounds interesting. She’s trying to get into the business of wedding photography/artistic photography etc. so she’s excited to be involved in a sunset wedding on the beach…..sweet! Now I wait for her proposal’s to arrive via my email and….pray I can afford her. :-)
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