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Friday, Oct. 07, 2005
Las night I finished the majority of the wedding invitations. *whew* We don’t even have a lot that got mailed out. Because neither of us have big families and most of his family and my family live out of town, our wedding will be small. But I’m proof positive that the people that will be there will be there from now until eternity where our marriage is concerned. Sweet. And yes, my best friend from Canada….is still coming. Sweet! The fact that she will be with me makes my chest ache inside for how sweet it will be. She’s seen me through some tough tough times in my life….it’s good to share the best of the best times with her.

If you want an invitation (I have plenty extra’s) (this is of course provided that I know you and like you and that you promise to stop on Nov 26th sometime during your day and say a little prayer for our happy future together, simply drop me an email with your address. And Devin, yes, you are sooo invited!!!

I sent my son an invitation and wrote “Mr. Keith ****” on the envelope. In that instance I felt like I was so so much older and so was he. We both aged by decades at that moment. I never thought I would address anything of such importance and oh so official to my own son but it felt right to send him one too.

I have an idea for a reality TV show. “Future spouses plan a wedding together”. It would be full of angst, bickering and general discord for sure. The last couple of weeks and last night in particular with school, work, and planning a wedding and top that off with financial concerns for the checks we will write to pay for our beach wedding, I have been a major bi’otch. Major. I feel sorry for Rick. Last night he looked at me as though my head was spinning and gunk was spewing from my nose and mouth. And really…it was. I was so ugly I’m ashamed to admit it but I can and I am here. I’m tired, rundown, stressed, worried and to top it off we’ve just had a week of very little sunshine in the sunshine state. It’s been dark, dreary, and rainy and overcast for an entire week. I’m sick of it. And I think it is affecting my mood severely. Last night Rick stated, “This is ridicules, go back on Zoloft or something!” He’s probably right. I need to be fully xanaxed as I cruise down the beach or I might not make it. Stress does me in quick. I can find ways to deal with my issues when I can deal with a few of them at a time, throwing them all into a quick speed turbulence like planning a wedding, finishing a course in college and working full time and doing it all without any family help….gahhhhhh where’s the bottle of pills?? Where???

The list of things yet to do:

1. tux rentals

2. hair appointment

3. limo

4. marriage license

5. find boom box radio for use on beach

6. tie a million raffia bows on a couple dozen purple candles

7. Wash the sandcastle candleholders for the reception (I bought these from ebay – they are from Party Lite. It took me weeks to bid and purchase enough of them…this was a task and a half and not one showed up broken…whew)

8. Find a box and pack up the things that have to be trucked over to the reception site so that all items are together and accounted for.

I know that there are other things but….can’t think of them right now. It’s endless. I think it’s like planning for Christmas. You keep picking up small gifts and doodad’s and planning and doing and doing up until it’s Christmas Eve and the kids in bed and you can do no more doing and so you stop and concede that it’s as good as it’s going to get and whatever didn’t get done will have to be ignored and/or overlooked forever.

For now I have to plan on doing a school assignment that sucks. The team is working on a Fallacy J o u r n a l. It sucks. SUCKS! Do not ever take a critical thinking class. Not ever!

Something for your fun….and my stress relief…

Dear Reader,

Do you know me? How well do you know me?

If you think you know the answers, please put them in my guestbook and good luck!

1. Where do I work?

2. Where do I live?

3. How long have I been divorced?

4. When am I getting married again?

5. Where am I getting married?

6. What kind of car do I drive?

7. Who is my favorite musician?

8. Who is my favorite author?

9. What do I do at work? (ie: can you guess….how about job title…)

10. Why do I have a difficult time getting pregnant and carrying a child?
11. How long have I lived in Florida?

12. Where is my hometown?

13. What color hair do I have?

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