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Sunday, Jul. 14, 2002
damn Im hungry

Him: i put a pizza in

Me: lol

Me: you live on pizza

Him: i like pizza

Me: i know

Me: doh

Me: i do REMEMBER that

Him: if its good pizza

Me: there is bad pizza?

Him: yeah

Me: ok if you say so

Him: crappy pizza

Me: lol

Me: ok

Him: sausage and pepperoni

Him: and thin crust

Him: blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Me: lol

Him: crap pizza

Me: i don't eat pizza anymore and you're just making me hungry

Him: i like supremes, or cheese, or veggie

Him: i make you hungry

Me: you don't make me hungry

Me: you're talking about pizza

Me: that makes me hungry

Him: ok

Him: i wont talk about pizza anymore

Him: you wont hear nothing about pizza

Him: i dont even know what a pizza is

Me: OMG shut up

Him: or even where to get a pizza

Me: lol

Me: you are a serious snot

Him: you dont wanna talk about pizza well then we wont pizza is out OH wait a minute is that out or take out lol

Me: lol

Him: OK no more pizza talk

Me: grrr

Him: just do me a favor

Me: what?

Him: let me know when 5 min are up

Me: sure

Him: so i can get my pizza out of the oven


Him: i dont like burnt pizza

Me: lol

Him: Ok what were we talking about

Him: i know it wasnt pizza


Me: 5 minutes is up!

Me: HELLO!!!!!!! you're "food" is burning

Him: nope it isnt

Him: i took it out

Me: ok

Him: now im gonna go eat pizza


Him: be back later

Me: k

Him: maybe

Me: enjoy your PIZZA

7:31 p.m. ::
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