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Welcome to the month of plastic vampire teeth.

Tuesday, Oct. 01, 2002
Yeah it’s October again. Last October…where was I? What was I doing? well…I was doing this…

So much has changed…so much has remained the same. Incidentally One last thing. No I did NOT hit the switch. He sure didn’t leave or say goodbye. An entire year has passed and I still talk to “him” every single day. He’s doing well in his life right now. I still count myself lucky to have his friendship in my life. Even if he is a buttsmack.

Breakfast was cheese, banana and decaf. Bluck!! But if I don’t ….I’ll never get these jeans on again!

My eyebrow mountain still hurts, its growing but doing nothing. I imagine a volcano is building up in there. Uck…


Bucky’s getting some plastic teeth tonight too by the way. I already bought ‘em for him this morning. He loves these stupid things. :-)
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