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Tuesday, Jun. 04, 2002
There’s a thousand stars
In my rubberband hand
Bouncing backwards
Paving words slipped
Through the outside of
Simplistic understand

Blipped photographs
Blackened sight
Nothing new
New about
Angry doubt in flight

Silver wings
Against the edge
Flashlight love
Tripped me up instead

Tightly pressed in memory
I jump outside the ledge

I gave Jamie “The Bluest Why” and “As Pretty as the Truth”…..part of me wants to go get em back. Tucking them like seed encrusted petals back into window boxes for a new spring day. I lost something when I gave that last one I wrote at 3 a.m. crying about something....yeah I now know I just gave that thought...all of it...I just gave it away.

and then I wrote this messed up mess that had a prophet carrying a mad missing sign..or something like that.

I miss you in my madness
Dancing with my clown
I kiss you in my sadness
Balancing my tarnished crown

I dream of you inside the silence
The most beautiful of sound
I scream for your sweet violence
I want your thoughts to throw me down

I wish for you in darkness
To hold my hand with love
I whisper to your madness
And I write your face in the stars above

I long for you to want me
The way I’ve always wanted you
I realize that despite everything
That you already do

It’s madness that blinds you
About the sight of me
A tear-encrusted clown
Has cast you out to the sea

My crown cannot save you
Or bring you back to shore
The stars cannot show you
How to find your way anymore

too much caffeine...too many lost thoughts...things I cannot touch long enough...moments that strangle me and never let me go....memories that trap me in places I never chose to go...things that keep on haunting me...after 12 a.m.....too many missing titles...on too many crappy poems.
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