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Friday, Jul. 19, 2002
A year ago I was writing ..
posted 06-16-2001 03:12 AM

Iím walking around my life; down itís lonely streets. I see the same shopsÖhere is the same one where I buy my latte every morning. I see the boy named Danny that lives across the street banging his basketball up against the backboard of that neon paint, chipping new dents to the beat of my pain.

I crawl in behind my steering wheel heading off to another day. A day when the sun will glare in my eyes just as I reach 9th street and make that sharp left. My latte spills out onto the gray of my carpetingÖmaking more sticky sweet lost marks on someone elseís future. I can almost picture the girl that will come after me and try in earnest to clean what I couldnít.

I see myself from the outside. Who is she? This girl so lost? Sheís got one tiny glint in her eye. Sheís squinting at the brightness of the possibilities of her future as it smashes her present into oblivion as she speeds across the intersection of the past.

The darkness closes in
posted 08-03-2001 09:53 AM

My confusion made a mistake
I just wanted someone
To be different
To understand me
To hear me crying
When there were
No tears to be seen

Expecting perfection
Iím dispelling my
Belief that there was
Undeniable rejection

Iím falling down
On bleeding knees
Of heartache seeing
The reality of what
I just had in my hands
And so thoughtlessly
I look down at my
Palms and see itís
All been broken
Too late I understand

Iím gluing back
The petals to
Stems of disbelief
I had friendship
Like the sky
Forever blue perfection
My brutal loneliness
Has turned on me
Somehow become a thief

Iím walking down
The fields this morning
Clutching petals to my
Broken heart
Looking across the
Meadows, trying to
Remember where I was
When I had that crazy thought

I love you
And I wish you
Could rock me to sleep
In the comfort of your whisper
So with a thought
I reach out to you
And hold you close
Asking you to understand
That Iím so very sorry
That without you
I got so truly lost

I will never be
Better off without you
Iíll be flying above fields
Of flowers in my dreams
Wondering how I lost
That perfect one
Trying to silence
My deafening screams

Laying awake at night
Wondering what I thought
How my surroundings
Messed up the sweetest
Thing Iíve ever got

Iíll never stop praying
For a glimpse of you
Iíll never end my
Pleading to god
Iíll never stop being

There will be no

Notice something about that poem? Hmmm

On the same forum I saw thisÖhey you? did you did you write this?

Hidden within the Shadows of Night, is the Dark Muse of a Poetís Mind.

Itís prettyÖ
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