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Thursday, Dec. 15, 2005
Today I interviewed for a position at work that I thought I would have to wait 3 years to apply for and yet I was encouraged by my manager to step forward with confidence and apply. The job is very similar to what I do, except that it pays $7,500 more yearly. That’s a pretty big difference and would allow me to do so many things for the people that I love. I will most likely get a 2nd interview. Then it’s up to one person to decide. This is why it always pays to be kind to everyone always.

I should say that even if I don’t get it, it feels good to be in there vying for a spot…so don’t fret that in a few weeks I’ll be deeply depressed that I didn’t get it. I’m trying and I’m playing the game and that’s a nice feeling in itself. But the fact that I could bring home that much extra….that would be nice too. Very nice. Cross ya fingers, ya legs…ya arms….ya ankles…..yah….do that for me because you just never know.
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