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pray for my son

Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2003
Excerpt’s below taken from here

4) Disregarding the child’s privacy.

“Some parents feel that they have the right to walk in on their child whenever they please. “

8) Being sexually intimate with a partner while the child is asleep in the same room.

“Some parents share their bedroom with their child and engage in sexual intimacy while they believe the child is asleep. Often times, the child is wide awake and listening. This can create confusion, fear, and arousal in a child. Therefore, always wait until the child is out of the room to engage in any form of sexual intimacy. “

Ex’s skank girlfriend – guilty of #4. She tells Bucky he can’t lock his door to change out of his swim trunks because “this is NOT your HOUSE!”.

Ex and skank – guilty of #8 last week in Jacksonville in a hotel with two beds in one room and light coming in from side window.

Pray for my son…I am looking for counseling for him, I don’t think I’m turning him back over to his father. There is still nothing legal in the court system at this moment, I can keep him until….

Again...pray for my son. He's ok...but is he really????
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