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I'm pregnant

Monday, Apr. 01, 2002
Another Monday. Another week. Another month. Here we go… the latest news…

I’m pregnant! And it’s not husband’s baby. WHAM! How ya like that? And I told husband and he said, “That’s kewl, I know it’s not mine, but it’s ok, we’ll have another child and I’ll raise it as my own.” (Incidentally he knows its not his cause he has a vasectomy….8 years ago..) We all know it’s not "him"s cause I’ve never met him…so who’s the father you ask? Take a guess….

So here we are. In a new house, back together and with a baby on the way!


teehee…that was wicked funny!!! Really…I’m really NOT pregnant. But damn that was funny and I had ya…I so had ya goin’!!

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