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Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2003
Sometimes I have a great day before the day has even half begun. This morning BF and I went out for breakfast together. Then I got this.

>From: TodGoldberg@#####.com
>To: poeticalgirl@hotmail.com
>Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 03:21:32 EST
>Hi Kristy,
>I've put a present into the mail for you. You'll like it.
>Visit TodGoldberg.com or .net. Your choice. Really.

*grin* I had just advised him that I am planning to frame pictures of people I admire for in my kitchen. Something different for in a kitchen.... Kinda like Hard Book Cafe of sorts... I will have pictures of Paul Westerberg, Blue Joules, The Replacements, Dramarama and tons of other musical gods and goddesses and of course I want tons of pictures of book covers, as well as author's pictures etc. Of course I want to include Tod and Chuck Palahniuk, Brett Easton Ellis, and ...and....yah well the list goes on and on. I know this gift I'm getting will just rock my socks right off. Tod's one of those people whose work I admired before I knew him and now that we have interacted, he's one of those people I admire for being talented and successful as well as humble. Those things together add up to something special in my mind.

I also got a present in the mail from my longtime Internet Pal Bry. He sent me a wrapped up teddy bear holding some little chocolates and a $25 Starbucks Coffee Card. I suppose he's making up for always calling my cellphone and leaving me the following message "Hi Kwisty..this is Bry...I'm drinking a gingerbread latte and you're not...nanner nanner nanner" in the middle of my day. Those messages make me laugh...but they sure do make me crave some latte's. Now I can go get some and be financially guilt free.

I have all these stupid fines and stuff to pay...and the most special thing that's happened as of late is that BF went with me to pay my fines this morning and he's helping me out til I get my next paycheck on Friday. Awww....sweet. I really do love him. I just want to have a special Christmas and with all these dang fines I can't quite figure out a way to make it oh so special for everyone.

My son wants tons of stuff...of course it's all expensive things. I asked him if it would be ok if I got half of it in December and we had another Christmas in January when Mommy got another paycheck. And ya know what my super special kiddo said? He said, "whatever you get me whenever you can get it is ok Mommy." Then he asked me if I just wanted to get him a present every month all year long instead. teeheee....smart kid, always the negotiater. Either way it's nice to know he's not as spoiled as I previously thought. He was with me last night and the previous night. It was so nice to pick him up from Tae Kwon Do again and go have dinner and be as normal as maybe it used to be in that sense. He was happy to see me both days and I'll never tire of him grinning like that when he sees me in the doorway. I've become the special treat in his life. I'm the one that bends the rules so we can have fun. I'm the one that says that sometimes we can eat chocolate before dinner and that sometimes we can see just how long we can stay up on a Friday night. He says he likes it at my house because he can eat in front of the TV and he doesn't have to do any chores and we do fun stuff the entire time. Now Daddy's the parent only who has a girlfriend kiddo doesn't like and I'm the fun time Mommy. I'll never like the situation but to hear my kid tell it I'm the lucky one because I get the fun time.

I'm gonna go lay down with BF and cuddle til I have to go to work and convince deadbeats to pay their bills...

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