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Thursday, Jan. 03, 2002

There are moments of complete clarity about everything. When we both understand it all. Or so it would appear. The fact that we can laugh about the things that aggravate us and torment us and make things so difficult…..it amazes me sometimes. I have to remember that we find this together because I project that by Friday he’ll be an asshole again…..lol
he left to talk to his roommate and then came back…

Him: sorry

Me: no...dont' be

Me: that's stupid

Him: we had one of our talks

Him: good one

Me: thats good

Him: yeah well i know i only have few minutes till he goes to her house

Him: once that happens its over

Me: I know

Me: I told you don't sweat it

Me: i'm fine

Him: ok

Me: i'm not the bitch you seem to think I am

Him: i dont think your a b.

Me: c'mon

Me: you can tell me

Me: I'm not gonna get mad

Him: yes i can

Him: and never once out of all the swearin have i called you a bad name

Me: i know

Me: pretty amazing

Me: lol

Him: theres a reason

Me: ?

Him: !

Him: %

Him: $

Me: what's the reason?

Me: lol

Him: i was just too mad to think of any good names to call you


Him: j/k

Me: c'mon I know that's not true....you're a smart guy

Me: and bitch is a small word

Him: no its aweful

Him: its not the kind of word i use when i think highly of someone

Me: <----looks around.....

Him: lose your horse?

Me: I thought we were talking about me here.

Him: yes we are

Me: <----pinches herself

Me: yeah I'm awake

Him: did it hurt

Me: yes

Him: good

Me: lol

Him: do you need my head up the ass pic

Me: hahahaha no

Him: ok ill keep it on reserve just in case

Me: I just never assume anything with you.

Him: well you know better than 2 do that

Him: with me

Me: thats right

Him: let me tell you about figuring me out




Me: I know.


Me: I'm well aware.



Him: lol

Him: well you think hell keep his job

Me: yes

Me: for awhile

Me: til he gets bored

Me: or until someone pisses him off

Me: or until something...

Me: there's always something....

Him: maybe it could be different this time

Me: never

Him: lol

Him: you said he has his own office

Me: so what

Me: he won't care about it

Me: he'll lose it

Him: in what time frame

Me: I give him a year

Me: 18 months tops

Him: that long

Me: yeah

Him: so he can hold a job for a year

Me: then it'll be a swift downfall over 2 or 3 months time

Me: yes

Him: i was thinking 5-6 months

Me: hard to say

Me: I say a year really

Me: its already been a month

Him: on the average a year

Me: he last on average 18 months

Me: I figured it out one time

Him: did you do it with a calculator

Me: yes

Him: yeah thats how i like to figure things

Me: 17.34303912 or something like that came up

Him: is that pie

Me: I even got a piece of paper and wrote it all out

Him: 3.14

Me: I've done that with every aspect of him.

Me: one time I kept track of our sex life and found out that 99.9 % of the time he never kissed me

Me: sickening

Me: that was when I quit

Him: you always summerize up people with averages

Me: lol

Me: no

Me: just I knew I had to see it in black and white to get it thru my head

Me: c'mon 99.9% I didn't need to actually write it down to know he wasn't kissing me.

Him: youd try that shit with me but it wouldnt add up

Him: the calculator would display your fucked

Me: lol


Me: I am not Fucked

Him: try to calculate me youd be

Him: ok heres one

Me: hopefully I'd never even think like that

Him: how many days till i fall into a moody one

Me: 2 or 3

Him: ok

Him: after 2 or 3 then i turn into an ass

Me: hahaha

Me: I didn't say that

Him: ok ill write that on my calandar

Me: you do that

Him: ok that means by friday i should be all assholed up

Me: hahahaha

Me: by Friday night you'll be tired again

Him: oh ya

Me: the only way you'll not be assholed up is if you get your stuff in the mail...that has direct affect on assholitis

Me: that event causes a delay

Him: hehe simple cure

Him: i mean be just an assshole

Him: you think i think your a b. and i think you think im just an asshole

Me: if you were an asshole like that all the time I woulda stopped talking to you 2 1/2 years ago

Him: interesting relationship material

Me: hahahaha

Me: I never thought about it like that.

Me: know what I really think?

Him: what

Him: i am an asshole (_O_)<---

Me: that you genuinely like me and I genuinely like you and the Internet sucks.

Him: yeah the internet sucks

Him: i dont know maybe i get bored of it

Me: we both do

Me: I do too

Me: I know that I only come online cause of you

Me: everyone else is boring

Me: stupid

Him: i do know when i dont get a fucken thing done and i look back and seen i wasted the time away i get pissed at myself

Me: I know that too.

Him: yeah i have to complete so much everyday

Him: if i dont i feel well.....um..incomplete

Me: wasted day

Me: thats not a good feeling

Him: yeah

Me: i used to not understand so much stuff that now I do understand

Him: like now i have to get off here and go do my exercises and go to bed

Me: yes you do

Him: yep

Him: say good nite

Me: good night :-D

Him: nite

Him: hugs

Him: bye

Me: bye

When we reach that place
It’s an amazing face
That smiles at me
And that is when
I realize
That nothing else
Should be idolized
Except clarity

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