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Thursday, May. 13, 2004
Yah ok so today I came home from work…a horrible day at work too…it was the kind of day that makes you want to throw down your stuff and walk out, but I made it and it was self inducing bad rather than for no good reason, but in the end I finished the day respectfully.

Back to the I came home part…I came home and found that I had a present in the mail….thanks to my bestest’estest diarylandest friend Sandy’est. (teehee…couldn’t resist) She sent me these books….

How cool is
for sending me books? She’s off the coolness charts!!!

And I bought myself this bracelet from a seller on ebay.

It spells out “PoeticaL” in antique typewriter keys. Yah that’s off the coolness charts too!!! No extra charge for personalization. Sweet. And this is very soundly made and has some give and play to it to allow for comfort. I already love it. One of those pieces that is just plain fun. I can’t wait to see how many comments I get on it. (You can reach this seller at kann@npcc.net if you want one too. Just be sure to tell Russ that you’re a “blogger” “diarylander”…etc.)

Further kewlness…R took me out to dinner tonight. Yummy omelet from the I of the HOP. I also got my tires pumped up tonight. You gotta love that!!

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