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Wednesday, Sept. 04, 2002
Ok, I have to write this entry. It's been crawling outta my pants for days begging for the light of day.

Saturday I spoke to a good friend of mine and he told me about a time when he was playing the drinking game, "qaurters" and he was angry with a co-player for being a "fuckstick" all night. So, when the guy walked away to go to the bathroom, my friend reached into his pants and yanked a pubic hair out and put it in the shotglass. Drunk "fuckstick" comes back and loses at quarters and drinks the shot in one gulp. Talk about "pubic" humilation??

So this conversation led to my remembering another story. A co-worker of mine back in PA used to work for Sheetz. Sheetz is a nicer version of the 7-11 convenience store. Sheetz is well known for their M.T.O. (made to order) sandwiches and hotdogs.

She told me that she went into work one night and proceeded to wipe down the entire store with a disposable washrag and bucket of water. She wiped the soda machines the counters the cash register and every unmoving surface in site. Two hours later she decided to throw some new hotdogs on the hotdog roller cooker deal. She immediately noticed that there were pubic hairs rolling up and down the hotdog cooker. Her co-worker said, "uh which bucket did you use?" She said, "that one" and pointed. He said, "that's the bucket I used to clean the bathrooms with the mop. AGGGGHHHHHHHH. "Bucky" was 2 years old at the time and addicted to Sheetz "hog-gogs"..."me wanna hog-gogs Mommyyyy" was his immediate reaction to the big red Sheetz neon sign. I could never buy him another hotdog there after hearing this story.

One time I went to a party when I was 17. It was an outside barn party in PA and it was in the middle of winter. I was freezing and my lips were chapped. The girl I went to the party with said,"no problem..we'll go inside and find some chapstick." We hunted all over the place...no chapstick. But we did find vaseline. We opened the jar. The vaseline had what I would term to be a "Pubic Hair Beard" goin on. I threw up. Thats the first time I threw up at a party not due to alcohol. I never could look at that person's parents again without feeling sickly.

This morning my co-worker told me that her roommates current boyfriend was taking a shower in her shower last night. She said, "this pisses me off because I don't want his...uh...well... you know..." And she trailed off. I said "pubic hair?" Her face turned white.

C'mon people, lets face it, we all have pubic hair. Sure some of us may wax, trim, cut, shave... but it's there!

I just don't want it in my vaseline, hotdogs, tequila, my shower drain, my loofah (like my coworker) or anywhere else for that matter!!

This was a public service announcement against pubic hair. Please....take all necessary means available to not have these problems occur. By the way, said friend that is a "pubic hair plucker against fuckers" supporter....HAHAHAHAHA I still can't stop laughing. I laughed so hard I peed my pants. Literally had to take a shower and change my panties. Peed pants....an entry for another day.

Publically yours,
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