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Thursday, May. 23, 2002
if you havenít noticed Iíve been agitated all week. Josh is my friend. Josh knows what to say to make me crumple up inside and doubt myself. He knows because I am so raw around him. I never feel judgedÖand then he takes all his ammo and blasts me when heís having his own crumpled up moments. Itís so odd how people seek to hurt what is hurting them, even if that thing is not the actual cause of the pain.

(i'm very conflicted on you . . . very confused and frustrated . . . and sometimes . .. almost always . . . its easier to hate then to love . . . i'm trying to find resolution of emotion . . .)

we made up

and I have to say that I feel this sense of peace again.

I let people in.

I let them get close.

All the while I tell myself Iím not doing it.

And then they get so close they can touch my nerves

I wonder when I let him in?

When it mattered?

Why I let him get to me?

I donít have the answers.

I just know that when I care, it is with all that I am.

(i'm very conflicted on you . . . very confused and frustrated . . .)
(is that maybe YOU just like me . . . or maybe you JUST like me?)

I donít JUST let ANYONE in. I only let SOMEONE in.

You are someone to me.

you should never punch someone, you should punch through them . . . Bruce Lee


Josh gave me a dictionary to help with my plight reading A clockwork orange. Itís right here MadÖ.-> Orange Dictionary

I'm still on Chapter 2. *sigh*
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