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Saturday, Jul. 30, 2005
This entry is going to be ugly. Really ugly. And long ….really long. But I haven’t written here in days and today was a doozy of a day. Rick and I live in one of the nicest apartment complexes available in the locale that we wish to live in. Meaning unless we want to move to downtown St Pete or to Clearwater or Largo (which is accurately referred to as Largetto) or to Pinellas Park (which is accurately referred to as Redneck Country) there are not a lot of options.

We want to buy a house, but I have hedged away from doing that right now because in a few years our options for a house will open wide up. We’ll also have a heck of a lot more money saved after the wedding is handled.

So onto my day…..

The apartment complex has been upgrading for about a year and a half or more now and they added a metal fence around the complex. It’s a very nice fence but poorly planned as far as location. This afternoon there was a 3-car pile up with one car plowing right into the fence. Why? Because one car wanted to turn and one car was confused and one car hit the fence and plowed it down. The car that hit the fence actually hit a concrete divider in the fence and moved it several feet. It was a high impact hit and entailed a lot of screeching and the like. I called 911 and reported the accident. I saw all three drivers get out and engage in angry talking and moving of arms and the like. Chloe watched with interest and I watched with disdain. I told Rick months and months ago that they were forcing traffic jam pile ups because they closed off 3 of the available entrance/exit points and left only two open and the two open were entering and exiting off of the most busy roads you’ve ever seen. So people are slowing down in the middle of a speed ridden highway to turn into this complex. It was bound to happen but I was half thrilled that I was again RIGHT. I like to flaunt my RIGHTNESS a lot. It’s one of my flaws. (editor note: Kristy would not be gleeful if anyone had gotten hurt, no one was hurt, the fence and post took the brutality of the event and a few people need some better driving lessons…..but in the end all is relatively well, so glee about RIGHTNESS is ok)

Chloe was an intent onlooker during the accident aftermath…
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If she was a person she’d be a reporter, she didn’t miss even one tiny detail….
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It must have been the fire truck and all the noise and people right outside the living room window….
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I was largely aggravated because I’ve been feeling major stress over my Math fiasco and another week sitting in class being befuddled and muddled and utterly angst ridden about my academic future in Mathematics…. I’ve been feeling stressed at work due to a Director of Op’s being out so long and it’s downhill effect on our department and it’s functionality. I’ve been just stressed and angst ridden for weeks now over several matters including my wedding planner choice not returning my call for the last week. (where is she?????) There’s just been a lot on my plate and my plate is buckling under the pressure.

I was also trying to take a nap when crash boom bang….car accident!!!

Last night after work my “check engine” light came on in my car. Damn thing. There seems to be no alteration in drivability factors and perhaps I need an oil change. All websites and google searches indicate that the gas cap was not screwed on tight enough and this causes this light to malfunction. But today after much gas cap tightening by the muscular arm of the man, the light is still glaring in my face.

And then I went and took a shower and went into my closet to grab some clothes and low and behold everything in my closet was wet and water was pouring out of the ceiling mounted air conditioner. TO say this ruined my day would be to belittle the drastically upsetting event. I had to wash 1/3 of the clothes I own….and every white shirt I own was ruined by all the dark red and maroon tops I own. I freaked out…yelled at a few well deserving people and then spent the better part of 4 hours doing laundry that was wet. That is after I took the white shirts and an expensive dress (15 items in all…..) to the dry cleaners. I intend to turn in the receipt to the apartment complex after I deduct it from my upcoming August rent check. The assistant manager came into the apartment to check out the damages and she proceeded to put wet clothing on my bed. At this point the ugly bitch within my inner folds came raging to the surface as she tried to placate me with comments like, “This is an easy fix really…” I screamed at her, “Please do not put soaking wet clothing on my fucking bed because after I spend the rest of my day at the Laundromat cleaning every fucking article of clothing I own I do not feel like sleeping in a wet ass bed!!” She apologized and next thing ya know she was splitsville…gone. Bitch! No not me..HER!!! Ok yah me too probably but c’mon……

This is the 4th apartment in this place we’ve inhabited. The first one….was…well I only lived there 3 months and there were no problems. Then the second one…..the ceiling leaked in the bedroom every time it rained. Plink plink in a bucket all night….even if you put a towel in the bucket…….the second apartment had the leaky ceiling in the kitchen that prevented normal food storage and eventually led to the mold incident of 2005. And incidentally that apartment remains empty and unfixed due to my report to the health department after exiting that apartment a mere few months ago. This is apartment number 4 actually and here we go again. And our rent is not cheap like you might suspect. It’s really not.

I was told that the air conditioner froze up and they sucked out all the water thru a drain pipe on the outside of the building and left me to cry over my soaked clothing. I spent 4 hours at the Laundromat in the heat doing laundry. I also took those 15 items to the dry cleaners. I fear they will not come clean. There wasn’t an item in there that I paid less than $15 for. You do the math….it’s obvious that I suck at that subject except I do know that this event cost me well over $300 and that’s if the clothing is indeed ruined like I fear. If not it was a cool $25 bucks at the Laundromat and $7 per item at the dry cleaners. Monies which I will deduct from my rent check.

So today…..was a bust in the happiness department. The thing to learn from all of this…drive carefully and do not put your white clothing articles next to red clothing articles even if you think you have a normal closet. From this day forward I will hang all whites in a protective plastic bag or within my dresser drawers. Hopefully the walls won’t start to leak. I feel like we live on the set of Dark Waters or something!!

Tonight after I did the laundry in a fruitless attempt to calm myself down I went to the bookstore. Rick worked all day long. All day. I tried several times to call him wanting him to do nothing but soothe me. It never happened. We played some phone tag and I left him a few msgs that he never listened to. He called me when I was at the bookstore. I opted not to tell him about the fiasco and just upset myself all over again. We had a small chat whereby I told him where I was and he said he was going to be headed to bed so not to hurry home on his account. And we hung up.

Five minutes later he calls me to ask “What’s going on with the air conditioner? There’s water pouring out of it.”

That’s all it took. I flipped out and the ugliest parts of my stress related mental shit came pouring forth about my clothing woes and I yelled and I screamed and I ranted and raved and then I went home and yelled and ranted and he he…..

He fucking giggled at me. The fucking nerve of him. He finds my ranting funny because when I’m mad I tell people off and I suppose in retrospect the shit I say is witty and funny and people can’t help but laugh.

At one point in my unadulterated anger I told Rick, “I’m going to tell that gay manager of ours that I know he likes to fuck people up the ass but I’m not his boyfriend.” Ahhh my anger makes me ugly. I say things as though I am really homophobic and I’m totally completely and wholly not and yet my anger makes me say things because I get frustrated and do not know how to deal with my stress and anger without becoming stupid and ugly and then when someone laughs at me I get madder and angrier. I absolutely despise our manager because he still owes us money for ruined food. He promised and promised a check for $250 to cover the food we lost due to the leaking kitchen cabinets ages ago. I bitched and whined and he promised and lied and I got to the point where I hated being a bitchy whiney person and I gave up. And now here I am getting ass raped again by the same sort of situation. I do not hate gay men. I don’t. I just hate that one. And while now I realize saying things you don’t wholly agree with is wrong…I have issues….issues with highly stressful situations causing me to react and flip the fuck out. I am doing much better with these things but trust me when you have to drag soaking wet drippy clothing into your clean car and then into a Laundromat that’s exactly 99 degrees and sit and hope your clothes don’t stink like that after they’re washed……

Ahhhhhhh it was a day from hell and that manager is totally shitty. Oh and the assistant manger who put soaking wet clothes on my bed…..she’s a stupid C**T too.

About an hour ago I just broke out in frustration tears about the entire day and my poor skills in dealing with high levels of stress.

I know I keep typing stress but ya know what

I’m stressed out!!! Bad…….gahhhhhhhhhh

For the record and before someone pisses me further off ….when we were forced to move due to the mold issue they forced us to sign a brand new years lease even though we were in the other apartment for about 3 months. So we can’t move for nearly a year now……unless we want to break a lease and pay them fat cash to get out of the lease too. Can’t be doing that stuff when we want to get married and buy a house. We’re feeeyucked for another year.

p.s. one florida woman bought a scratch off ticket and won $250,000 on it. That is until the Florida Lottery Department told her that there was a typo print error and therefore she didn't win anything at all. They gave her $300 worth of free scratch off tickets for her troubles. Now I imagine that she had a worse day than I did.
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