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Saturday, Jul. 20, 2002
birthday: may 17

birthplace: Johnstown, pa

hair colour: naturally dirty brown

eye colour: blue

height: 5'5

ethnicity: italian

hair style: eddie van halen or so I’ve been told…sick I need to change that up

tattoos: one on my lower back of the Chinese symbol for poetry, seriously thinking of getting another one of my lyrics done somewhere

piercings: 3 in my left ear, one in my tongue

fave lipstick color: ewww gross, wax on your lips? Blucky. But I do wear bubble gum lipgloss.

fave nailpolish color: pink

fave eyeliner: brown smudged to look natural

fave makeup brand: loreal

are you a good student? If I’m studying something I want to know about only.

are you currently in a relationship? I’m in about a million of em, what kind do you mean?

best friend: mad

do you believe in reincarnation? i believe in past lives

do you believe in astrology? Never did before then I met this girl chrissy who convinced me

what's your sign and does it fit you? Taurus, I don’t know

wheels: Honda prelude, I love Preludes

do you have a deep dark secret no one knows except you? thousands

do you like your body? Argh…I like that I’m proportionate and that I am curvy, but I don’t like that there’s too much of a good thing.

fave pair of underwear: my joe boxer happy smiley faces thongs

fave movies: requiem for a dream, when harry met sally, serendipity

movie you saw last: A walk to Remember

fave books: anything by Tod Goldberg, Douglas Copeland…too many to list.

book you read last: Bookends, Jane Green

5 albums you couldn't live without: Replacements – Don’t Tell a Soul, Joe Jackson, Paul Westerberg – Suicaine Gratification, Ryan Adams - Gold, Alan Jackson Greatest Hits

fave beverage: starbucks

fave food: god I hate these repetitive questions

fave candy: spree

fave colour: pink this week

fave season: autumn

fave cartoon: catdog

fave t-shirt: blue joules!

fave pair of jeans: low rise bell bottom’s or my levi’s

fave jacket/coat: coat in florida? Please… I don’t own any.

fave article of clothing: my white t with a giant heart on the boobage

fave place to buy clothes: sale racks!

fave designer: liz Claiborne ranks up there, gap

fave model: don’t have one, imagine that

dream job: rolling stone

have you ever lost someone you loved? y

night or day? night

top or bottom? top

coke or pepsi? Vanilla coke, diet pepsi

number of pillows: 2

drug of choice: coffee

what are you wearing right now? overall jean shorts, white mossimo t-shirt, sketcher street cleats and a gap baseball cap

what's next to you on the right? the wall

on the left? Printer, dirty bowl, coconut lotion, stack of books, Bermuda cup Tara gave me with tons of pens jammed in it

when do you get up in the morning? 6:15 a.m. on weekdays, as late as possible on weekends

who do you talk to the most online? him

what sites do you visit most online? Diaryland, Nerve, scroll, urbanpoetic, ihop, amazon

are you part of any online communities? yes

fave font: verdana, comic sans, americana

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