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Friday, Jul. 05, 2002
I stole this. I don’t remember from where. But I did. Arrest me…

name? - Kristy

birthday? – May 17th

place of birth? – Johnstown, PA

height? – 5’5” and a half

eye colour? - blue

hair color? – light blondish brown


sports are you active in? – Paper wrestling, stereo movement, thong adjustment, lyrical laying

is the most recent movie you have seen? – YaYa

are you doing tonight? – sports

is your name backwards? – ytsirk (the name of a sushi shop perhaps?)

was the last thing you ate? – hot tea and mcdonalds slab eggs (those are not scrambled!)

are you excited about? – 910 area codes on my cell phone in the morning…mmmm

was the last thing you said out loud? – Have a great day Mr. Catheter Man, sorry I couldn’t sign up with you, my pee’r isn’t broke….

do you think of true love? – Toomillionthousandfuckingtimesaday,asoftenasamanthinksofsex

is on your mousepad? – THUNDER 103.5 classic rock freebie weebie. I hate classic rock and I hate this mousepad and I want winnie the pooh but I just haven’t addressed the issue yet.

color pants do you have on right now? – army green shorts

are you listening to? Train “its not just a daydream if you decide to make it your life…your life…she’s on fire….and if I could be inside her life I just might be alright….”

do you want to do when you grow up? – a freelance writer for a magazine like nerve like…

do you look for in the opposite sex? – strength of character, communication, laughter, understanding, friendship, something worth writing amazing lyrics about…

Do you...

believe in yourself? – phhhft….less than I want to, more than I used to, not as much as you

get motion sickness? - never

have a pager? – no way, how 80’s atari archaic

have a cell phone? – absolutely, and I love it

have a lava lamp? – nope but “Bucky” has a purple one that I wanna steal

if you...

could travel to one place in the world, where would it be? – Arizona, England, NC

were a crayon what color would you be? – Daisy (if that’s not a color, it fucking should be)

could have one wish in the world, what would it be? – that someday I see my name in print and can send it to my estranged mother, its just one of those things…

could have any occupation, what would it be? – Songwriter… even more so than I am now.

could have some sort of special power what would you want it to be? – I would want a magic wand finger that allowed me to touch people and fill them with happiness.


candy? – SPREE, not the chewy new ones, the old standby. I love that red tongue feeling you get from them. I also have a thing for SoBe gum that costs a hella lot.

color bra? – black

thing to do on the weekend? – notebook, pen, beach or laptop coffee bookstore

tv show(s)? – Sex in the City is the absolute only show I watch. I had a brief affair with the show Felicity right when it was ending. But Sex is really it.

band/group/singer? – Blue Joules for obvious reasons, but I rarely listen to them seriously. I mostly jam to Paul Westerberg and old Chicago and I’ve really got a wet thing for Jack Johnson and that song “Sexy Plexy” good stuff.

boardgame? – I hate hate hate boardgames, I mean c’mon they have the word “BORED” right in them. But if I had to pick one I’d pick BOGGLE. I can tolerate that one. I really hate all the stupid plastic games they insist on selling for kids.

magazine? – Rolling Stone, The Tinhouse (http://www.tinhouse.com)

drink? – white chocolate latte

food? – sushi, polenta, goldcoast pasta

flower? – Daisies daisies…it will forever be daisys.

holiday? – I like Halloween. C’mon put your mask on and get rewarded sweetly? Bobbing for apples…running through crunchy leaves…fuck sometimes I absolutely hate Florida.

shampoo? – suave 99% of the time, something more expensive when I just flip out and think its better, then I use an entire bottle of more expensive and realize it’s no better and I revert back.

toothpaste? – closeup

ice cream? – chunky monkey

memory? – 4 years old reciting ABC’s in front of my superior acting big sister in grandmas kitchen while she cried and raged in a fit of jealousy and my Uncle Dave smiled and pushed me forward into the center of the room and said, “good job baby…do it again!” It remains my best “memory picture I can’t erase”

scent/perfume? – Volupte (I’m addicted) Pink (it makes me feel sexy)

Have you ever...

gone skinny dipping? – yes, once with my friend Stephanie in 9th grade. Boy came along wearing pink trunks. Pink nylon floats on water…

been convicted of a crime? – nope, it’s amazing too because I live with corruption on a daily basis

cheated on a test? – yes, 10th grade social studies. I was tired of being grounded over it. I cheated my way to freedom. I got a respectable B.

broken a bone? – Never.

gotten beat up? – Physically, once. I hit him back though and it didn’t leave marks and I never told anyone til now. Mentally, more times than I can count.


drinks with or without ice? - with

thing you thought of or said when you woke up? – “damn it I’m late”

rollercoasters: deadly or exciting? – exciting

pick a song that describes you? – Achin’ to Be – The Replacements

when you meet a person of the SAME sex, what do you notice first? – Hair, I always check out girls hair. I don’t know why. I guess because I hate mine and want to always change it.

last time you showered? - last night

how many kids do you want? – 2… I really am wanting another baby

how long do you wait to tell someone that you love them? – until I do

who do you wish you could see more often? – more often? Hmm… I wish I could walk down the street and carry my notebook and write poetry with Mad every single day.

what would be something you would say to them? – C’mere..

would you want to know when you're going to die? – yes, so that I can tell my son goodbye

who do you admire? – I admire BraN’s mother and father. They did such a superior job.

why? – They did such a superior job. When he tells me “my mother said…” or “my father tells me…” I am so happy that someone I love has what I always wanted to have.

This or that...

coke or pepsi? – diet pepsi, vanilla coke

1 pillow or 2? – 2

simple or complicated? – complicated

mom or dad? – dad good grief make that DAD!

black or white? – I like the gray area, it’s a good place to write from.

happiness or depression? – If I have to pick one and only one who the hell wouldn’t pick happiness?

internet or real life? – I want them to mesh. Don’t you?

grey or gray? – gray crayons, grey poetry words

sunrise or sunset? – sunset with someone, sunrise alone, that’s my whole life.

x or o? – xxx I want three.

sun or moon? – The moon talking the stars saying “why can’t I ever hug the sun?” as he cries night time raindrop tears

emerald or ruby? – Diamonds. I want clarity. Fuck green unless its in OZ.

chocolate or vanilla? – I hate this question. It’s everywhere. I’m sick sick sick of it.

hello or hi? - hi

Which is more romantic...

candles or darkness? - candles

flowers or chocolate? - flowers

going out or staying in? – staying in

champagne or wine? – neither, I want beer in bottles “She had a longneck bottle she was peeling the label..”

bed or floor? – the grass under the stars in sprinkling rain

What do you think of...

small children? – they’re beautiful, I love 18 months old

religion? – religion is manmade, I want faith, I want something bigger than this word..

drugs? – I’m a clean girl. “There is no pill that will cure this ache.”-B.E. Taylor

yourself? – I wish I saw myself the way others see me. I might just think I’m something more than what I see.

the internet? – It’s a carnival of freak shows in the back, carousel rides in the front and cotton candy cavities are always free. I want an endless supply of tickets.

your town? – Its where everyone else wants to be.

What would you do if...

someone cut all of your hair off in the middle of the night? – Get a poem tattooed on my bald head and call myself an artist.

someone dyed your hair in the middle of the night? – I’d see how it went over with the monkey man and if he said I was still the most beautiful girl in the world, I’d be just fine with it. Yeah so I’d be just fine with it.

you were pulled out of your everyday life, and put into utter isolation? – I’d write “Bucky” a thousand letters and poems and stuff.

someone stole your socks? – paint my toenails with daisy’s

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