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Tuesday, Sept. 03, 2002
My buddy list says everyone updated 11933 days ago. lol you gotta love diaryland.

I haven’t heard from ‘t’ since… “Off on a mission- Date : Thu, 29 Aug 2002 02:07:27 -0700 (PDT)”

I haven’t really talked to him in 5 days.

I miss him a lot and in the last 5 days I have come to realize how quickly he entered my life, how quickly he changed it, and I truly miss him. I miss the friendship.

Two nights ago I read…


It’s an amazing book, albeit it confusing. I dunno. I have to read the last 50 pages again while more awake because it gets all twisty and hard to follow exactly even though it’s all entirely written so beautifully that it’s like one big huge book/poem. You can go read an excerpt

today someone talked to me about my novel and how I talked about writing it on my website….this was me ….
regarding writing…and writing my book…

i just do my thing
i don't care if its right or wrong or whatever
i just write because i do ...i don't have much of a choice
words just haunt me
til i write it down
then i don't care much for what anyone thinks
its hard to focus right now
which bites
you can have a story in your head but if you dont' have peace there too, it's hard to give it a voice
a voice that isn’t a scream
right now I have a lot of anger...rage....and yet i don't want an angry novel to remember it all by
someday silence will come and I'll write with a beautiful sound and i'll cry as I remember instead of screaming and trying to forget


I want so much for you to understand. But you can't make someone believe you. Trust is a secret combination to a lock. Two turns of faith, one turn of fantasy, half . . .a turn of truth. Trust me. It sounds so false.
– Jane Mendelsohn
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