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Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2004
Day 3 with no job and I'm up to 3 Interviews and 2 job agencies holding my resume. I was offered a 3 day stint at a company needing a pleasant phone voice but I passed it up in the interest of looking seriously for a permananent job. So far I have been to...

1. Mortgage company needing an Admin Assistant to the President.

2. Web Development company needing a Marketing Assistant.

3. A outside lawn ornamental company (big huge fountains and such pretty things for the FL homeowner's yard) needing a Bookkeeper/Sales Assistant.

Tomorrow I meet with a company that manufactures cable tie down/clamps for computer wires needing a Sales Assistant at 2 p.m. I meet with another temp agency with a job a little too far out of my comfort zone as far as travel time but pay is way up there, to discuss my resume.

Basically I've put my resume out there and am simply amazed at the immediate bites and responses and all of the "I reviewed your resume and you have excellent experience and I would like to talk to you as soon as possible..are you available today?" responses. It's wonderful. I'm beside myself and thankful to the powers that be for letting me have this many bites and a boost to my confidence after such a shitty outcome at my previous employment. I will never be sorry I couldn't be a frump'a dump to fit in. No thanks. I'm happy with who I am as an employee and have never had that type of negative feedback...ie..CRAP..before. It was an experience and every one that we have and endure makes us a stronger person.

Today was court day and as far as I'm concerned it went well. I have nothing more to say on that front. I have much to work out and I intend to do so as best as I can. I'm going to give my life all that I have to give of myself and build upon all that I have learned.

Lastly....I'm upbeat and positive because I think sometimes your life has to fall apart for you to be able to rebuild it. You can't just remodel. You have to crash and burn it all and clear the rubble and rebuild. I didn't set out to do that...but from the rubble I intend to build beautiful things.

Thanks to everyone that's out there that really cares about me as a person and not just sees this as another piece of paper on the net. I love those of you that have taken the time to root for me. It's much appreciated right now.


one last thing...i do get drunk on one drink. the same as i get drunk on love when i think about you.

p.s.s. the st. pete library rocks..you can sign up for a half hour in one department and then go to the next for another half hour...go library!

p.s.s.s. my horoscope....
Your Wednesday Horoscope, Kristy! Do not turn down any opportunities to network. Follow up on a pleasant sounding proposition. The next few weeks bode well for business and for pleasure. Prepare for both by getting organized.

p.s.s.s.s. Someone who has reason to not like me all that much right now told me today he had confidence in me that I'd find a job... that made my heart do a big somersault and smile so big it caused dimples.
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