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Tuesday, Oct. 05, 2004

I want a ceremony at dawn on the beach.I checked into butterflies…but found…well you can read….my conversation with "him". He and I still occasionally talk to each other....



Kwisty2k: it costs 375 to release monarch butterflies at a wedding...35 butterflys.....or $200 to release 22 doves
Kwisty2k: apparently butterflies are a hot commodity
"him": lmao
"him": it only costs the cost of a burito to release gas lmao

Kwisty2k: or i can do two doves for 100 bucks
“him”: you dont need stupid birds
Kwisty2k: yes I do
“him”: besides they will shit on you
Kwisty2k: i need a dress and stupid birds
“him”: use rice
Kwisty2k: no they won't shit on me
Kwisty2k: no rice
Kwisty2k: no
“him”: yeah white rice
Kwisty2k: i am having the wedding i want damn it
Kwisty2k: no rice
“him”: 350 dollars for butterflies
“him”: thats crazy
Kwisty2k: no no butterflies
Kwisty2k: i'm doing doves
Kwisty2k: at dawn
“him”: 200 dollars for doves
Kwisty2k: on the beach
Kwisty2k: yes
Kwisty2k: 22 doves
Kwisty2k: released on the beach
Kwisty2k: they'll fly back home
“him”: yeah they fly right back to the owners
Kwisty2k: yup
Kwisty2k: but that's ok
Kwisty2k: or i can do two doves for 100 bucks
“him”: look if im going to shell out 200 clams for doves......im bringing a shot gun
“him”: they will not make it back to their owners
Kwisty2k: lol

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