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Friday, Jul. 26, 2002
One of my coworkers just yanked his pants mid hip and walked around with them all baggy saying “this is how kristy looks in her pants”, as he walked around the room pants looking all sacky. Now most people would take offense to this.

Do I?

Hell no.

That’s amazingly wonderful. This only means to me that my pants are noticeably too big. ;-)

This same kid (anyone under the age of 25 is a kid to me now…how sad…to get old..) teased me about my naturally curly hair so much that I got up early this morning just to blow dry it straight and sleek. I just do not have time to be bothered with hair. I mean there’s enough to do with eyeliner and perfume and clothes and a kid getting ready running in and out of the bathroom constantly.

Speaking of which, I haven’t talked much about “Bucky” lately because he’s most never home. He goes to daycamp while I’m at work, then he has Tae Kwon Doe 2 nights or more a week with Dad. Most nights after work I go home, turn on this cheesy country station on the stereo and dance around the living room and try to de-stress. Most nights this works. Then I listen to alternative rock for an hour and then I listen to rock and roll. I’m a strange one I know. I just like all kinds of music.

Then I usually sit down at my pc at home and freeform write. Last night I was chatting to “him” for awhile. Just hangin together in a room making fun of all the marble mouth singers. I wanted to sing but my connection was so frigged or something that I was just being all broke up to hell last night so I gave it up. I learned a new song, “When you lie next to me” by Kellie Coffey. It’s a pretty song and a fun song to challenge myself into singing.

Can I sing? Yeah about average. I am no Crystal Gayle or Celine Dion singer. Just a singer. I do ok.

He’s making me so happy inside. This place no one’s found in a long long time. That place that makes you smile so big and walk into walls and stuff.

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You had asked the question of wether or not I have Office on my laptop? I now understand what you were asking.....Do I have MS Office on my laptop. The answer is yes.

So I guess you can start firing off all those Word and Power Point files now.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Is more like it!

Get it straight my friend.

I had a feeling you didn’t know what I was asking. But that's ok. I just was having trouble with that email's formatting. Sorry about that.

Tra la la..


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You truly are so I had just had to Re: ply

Bye for now


so sweet……it prompted me to write a piece for bleeding…
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